Busy Busy Hump Day!

Another day, another blog! Although I didn’t get a chance to write this on Wednesday, I had too much going on! I had wanted to get this entry up much sooner than I’m getting to it, but unfortunately my days have flown by and now it’s Saturday already! I had planned on getting this up last night before I went to bed but my pictures weren’t cooperating with me… but I will get this up before my sister in AZ and I go get dinner started!!

On Wednesday I was trying to get the house cleaned for Bunco night on Thursday. I was hosting for my oldest sister’s group. Our house needed a lot of work but thankfully my sister-in-law came up to help :)

While we were eating the chicken quesadillas (one of the things I just couldn’t stop myself from getting at Sam’s Club lol), Picasso was quite fascinated with my sister-in-law’s socks.

Mmmm socks!

He’s such a weird kitty…

After lunch I went over to my oldest sister’s house to pick up some wine, and things for the thank yous that we were giving to her friends at Bunco. The thank yous were a recipe card of a cookie we grew up with (that was named after my mom, Carol’s Favorite Cookies), some of the cookies, and a card my sister wrote. Then I had to hit the grocery store to grab a few more things for the cookies, and then it was get back home time so I could get dinner going!

For dinner, we had Angel Chicken Pasta with Asparagus and garlic cheese bread. I found the recipe here on All Recipes. The asparagus recipe is from my sister-in-law.

It was so yummy!

After dinner was made and eaten, it was time to work on the cookies! It was about midnight by the time I finished… which is why I didn’t get this blog up until now. I ended up being up til 2am because I was trying to figure out how to type the recipe on Word and get it to line up properly with the recipe card. If I could’ve gotten it to cooperate, I would have printed it on some clear label paper and put it on the recipe card, but alas it wasn’t meant to be! So instead I got as many recipe cards hand-written as I could before I had to get to bed because I was exhausted. Thankfully this recipe is so easy! It really takes no time at all :)

While the cookies were in the oven, I was so tired I decided to relax on the couch, but of course I can’t do this without my furry companion!

Picasso “helping” me relax while the cookies baked

So then I really relaxed with him. Let me tell you, he was not a huge fan! But it’s his own fault :P

He wanted to “help” me relax, so I “helped” him snuggle!

After the cookies finished baking, I topped them with the melted chocolate and I could finally get to bed. Yay for sleepy time!


As I finished writing this entry, my sister’s cat, Hailey, decided to join me at the computer! Why are cats so helpful? XD

Helpful kitteh is helpful

And now it’s time to go get dinner rolling! Which is good because I am starved!

<3 Kate

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