Bunco Night Fun

Thursday was Bunco night! I had tons to do still to get ready for the party though. Needless to say I was stressed, because of everything I had to do once I got up! I had to get the Southern Chicken and Dumplings started for dinner, take Sophie to the groomer, finish writing the recipe cards for the thank yous, put them together with my sister, get the tables set up for Bunco, visit mom, bake my Fallen Soufflé Chocolate Torte, finish the chicken and dumplings, clean wine glasses, and clean up my sty of a kitchen. Phew! It was so much to do!

I had to get Sophie into the groomer because I was running behind, so while I dropped her off I had TJ help me out with Southern Chicken and Dumplings for dinner.

After I had the chicken and dumplings going, my sister came over to help finish the thank yous and get the tables ready! W00t! After I finished writing the recipe cards, I had to go pick up Sophie from the groomers. She was so fluffy and cute and definitely ready to party hardy at Bunco!

Here are the beautiful thank yous! We put the cookies in a bag, and tied them closed with some ribbon that had the recipe attached to it. I think they turned out really great :)

Next on my list was to go visit my mom and bring her the flowers I had gotten for her at Sam’s Club. They were beautiful and I know momma would have liked them. Love you momma ♥

After bringing mom her flowers, I had to race home to finish things around the house. I got the cake made, dumplings put in the crock pot with the chicken, wine glasses cleaned, and last minute messes washed, then it was time to lay out the other food/wine before the quests got there.

Super yummy and easy appetizer! I got a block of cream cheese and poured some Spicy Pineapple Rum Sauce over it and served it with wheat thins.

The sauce is from Pampered Chef, and you can purchase the sauce from my other sister here!

Yummy caesar salad

The best part of course! Lots of yummy wine!!

The Chicken & Dumplings, ready to eat!

The Fallen Souffle Chocolate Torte, waiting for dessert time to roll around.

My sister and one table of Bunco Ladies!

Another table of Bunco Ladies!

Everyone had a great time at Bunco, and I even won my $5 back because I won the roll off for most losses. It’s so nice to know I’m such a high achiever! :P

♥ Kate


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