Trip to Arizona

Friday was a long day. TJ and I drove from our house in Southern California to my sister’s house in the Tucson area. We had a late start that morning because I overslept as usual lol We didn’t get on the road until a little after noon unfortunately, but we made good time!

I love these rocks. These are on the eastern side of the Laguna Mountains in San Diego County, just as you are about to descend into the desert.

In the following pictures, there is a fence, but it might be kind of hard to see make it out. That fence is actually the U.S.-Mexico border. You drive right by it on Interstate 8. I have never left the country, even though I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life, so I am easily amazed by these sorts of things!

These sand dunes are just outside of Yuma on the California side. They remind me so much of the Sahara Desert.

I tried to get a picture or two of the huge canal running right by the 8 in the dunes. It’s from the Colorado River.

Unfortunately this was my last picture. We stopped in Yuma and picked up some toys for my nieces and nephew for Easter at the Cracker Barrel, grabbed food at Carl’s Jr, got gas, and then we were on the road again!

After I finished lunch I ended up falling asleep for almost an hour, and by the time I woke up I had forgotten to grab some more pictures of AZ. We stopped at Picacho Peak because their plaza had a Dairy Queen and I desperately wanted a cookie dough blizzard! They’re so yummy :)

By the time we got to Erin’s house it was about 8pm, and she had kept the kiddos up so they could say hi to TJ and I before they went to bed. Bridget (the oldest, she’s 5) had been waiting at the front door looking out the window by it for us to pull up to the house. She was sooooo excited!

Overall it was a pleasant trip out, although I have to admit I am not looking forward to the drive home. It always seems so much longer than it really is for some reason! We’re heading back home Wednesday morning, but we’re coming back out the following Wednesday because TJ applied for the Tucson Police Department and has his testing for it on April 30th. Keep your fingers crossed for him! It’d be so nice for him to get this job because then we could move out here to AZ and I can go to my dream school, University of Arizona!

♥ Kate


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