The Desert Museum

Sunday I managed to wake up early again. Well, early for me that is! We had wanted to get out to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum really early, but it didn’t end up happening. We got there about 10am, before the heat of the day. This place is so great! Think of it like a zoo/museum in one.

NOTE: All of the information I have posted regarding the park I took from their map.

Our first stop was the reptile and invertebrates exhibit. Bridget and Logan loved looking at all the different snakes, but got scared when Maeve started hissing because she saw all the snakes! They thought that one of them had gotten out. It was hilarious because Bridget was hiding behind me, as if I’d protect her from the snakes! I would try… but snakes aren’t really my thing. I don’t think I’d run in fear, but then again I’ve never been in a room with a loose snake… so who really knows!

After we left that exhibit we went to the Earth Sciences Center. They had a limestone cave that we took the kids through. The cave had stalagmites, stalactites, pools with crayfish, and a separate loop trail. I have to admit, it was really very cool! The cave is full of low ceilings, tight passages, and rough footing. TJ and I took Bridget through it, she really enjoyed it!

After we left the cave we went into the mineral gallery to look at everything. That was when I remembered that my dad really wanted pictures of the grandkids, so I made sure to have us stop and take some family picture!

My sister, nieces’ and nephew. Apparently I didn’t have the flash on for this picture, but it still came out cute! Too bad my youngest niece was distracted with something else lol

My sister, nieces’, nephew, and myself. That’s so nice that the my oldest niece has her hand on top of my baby niece’s head for the picture! She’s such a sweet big sis! LOL

TJ and I.

Next we stopped at an area outside of the center where the kids could play in the sand and dig up “fossils”. They provide brushes and safety goggles for the kids. My sister brought some sifters and buckets though too, to give them more stuff to play with. This little area is a great place for the parents to take a load off while the kids let out some energy!

The kiddos were having so much fun “excavating” for dinosaur bones. And look, my baby niece stole her brother’s hat! She’s our little hat girl :P

After the kids got their fill, we started making our way through the rest of the park. The first thing we got to was the mountain lion area.

I’m really glad that my Dad let me bring his camera on the trip out here, because without it we wouldn’t have been able to get such good shots of the mountain lion!!

Next we came up on the bear area. I’m pretty sure he’s a black bear, but I can’t remember for sure, and the map I have for the park doesn’t show his area on the map at all… :(

I think he was a very happy bear, because he was covered in leaves! I can only imagine he was rolling around before he took his long bear nap.

TJ wanted me to add one of his super corny jokes that he said when we saw the bear. There were some parkgoers looking at him and saying how hot he must be because he was just laying there, and TJ said “Yeah, he thinks this heat is un-bear-able!” They giggled. Bravo TJ for super corny jokes! :P

After leaving the bear area, we came up on a type of Falcon. The sign for him said something about his type of falcon being the smallest out there, and how he was native to AZ.

He was a very pretty Falcon!!

Next we got to see the Mexican Wolves! Wolves are so gorgeous! I can’t believe how lucky we were to not only be able to see the mountain lion and bear, but the wolves too!

Am I allowed to bring him home? Please? Although that might not be the best idea… there are only 50 left in the wild. Poor little buggers.

We found a view point that also leads into their Desert Loop Trail. This was definitely not a day for that! It was definitely warming up (thank goodness I put on sunscreen or I would have been a crispy critter!!), so we avoided the trail, but took some more pictures!

Myself and TJ.

Myself and my sister!

The view was so pretty! I love the desert :)

As we were leaving the view point we saw this cute little guy just chillin’ on some rocks. He was definitely not part of any exhibit, just part of the natural desert!

He started doing lizard pushups! Gotta keep up his awesome bod to impress the ladies!

Next was my favorite area… the PRARIE DOGS!!!!!! They are the cutest little guys ever. If you don’t belive me, just look at these pictures and try to tell me they aren’t cute!

Mmmm yummy food! Om nom nom nom!

We had a yummy lunch at their Ironwood Terraces Restaurant. You wait in line for whatever type of food you want, then you go and pay and choose a table and enjoy! After we relaxed and let watermelon Maeve out to run around for a bit, we went to the gift shop to pick out a toy for each of the kids; that’s where I found something really special.

In their children’s book section I found a book called “Katie of the Sonoran Desert”. It’s based on a true story about a rattlesnake that was being studied. Since Katie is my name after all, I thought it was too awesome to not get for my future children. I’m not planning on having any for a while, but who knows if I’d be able to find this story when I do.

After we finished up at the gift store we headed for home. When we were in the car I looked at the temperature and it had heated up to 96 degrees F! Yeah, it had definitely warmed up while we were there LOL The thing I didn’t understand though was that it was that hot when we left at about 1PM… and yet people were just getting there! Oh well, maybe they just like walking around outside in the sun melting and getting sun burnt. Not my cup of tea, but who am I to judge? :P

I had such a great time at the museum with my family. I’m so glad we were able to go!!

♥ Kate

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  1. The Desert Museum was so much fun with you guys. When you come out next, we'll have to go to the dead animal museum, I mean the International Wildlife Museum. LOL!


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