Workout Day

Monday was a busy morning! My sister had to get my oldest niece up and ready for kindergarten, get my nephew and baby niece up and ready to take the oldest to kindergarten, get herself ready to take them all out, feed everyone breakfast, and get going so the oldest wasn’t late to school. I wasn’t awake during all of this because waking up at 6am is definitely still a challenge that I have not mastered yet, but I did wake up to hear my sister yelling at Bella (her white fluffy puppy) to get back in the house.

Bella is used to being locked in her kennel whenever my sister goes somewhere because she can’t be trusted to not potty in the house, but because TJ and I were home she left Bella out. My sister only usually does this when Bella gets to go bye-bye with them, so of course the second she opened the door to the garage, Bella went sprinting out there and right into the van. I had to go grab her so she could get out the door. Silly Bella!

While my sister was out dropping my niece off, TJ and I got ready because we were going to the gym with her when she got back. So after she got back she loaded the younger two kiddos into the jogging stroller and off we went to the gym.

She dropped off the two kiddos at the children’s area so we could workout without having to worry about them. The workout was really nice, but hard. You see, I haven’t really done anything even remotely similar to working out since I was in high school, and I graduated in 2007. It was good for me though because I definitely need to get back into shape! I’ve been eating way too many yummy things lately :P

After the workout we picked the kids up and took them over to the park so they could run around and get some fresh air before we walked back home.

My baby niece made a bee-line for the stairs on the jungle-gym and of course didn’t want help to get up them! But she did allow TJ to take her down the slide.

Then she wanted to ride on the dino rocker with her brother. She then wanted to ride on her own on the elephant.

Then both of them wanted to go down the slide so my sister and TJ went with them!

After we left the park we hung out at home until it was time to pick up my niece, and then we all went out to Wal*Mart. Woo… super fun outing! Yeah, not really… but TJ and I did get some stuff for working out. I got some awesome 3lb weights (because I’m Super Weakling!), and TJ found a set of 40lb weights. TJ has until the 26th to get ready for his test for the Tucson PD, so since he has to majorly get working out, I might as well too :P

After we got back from home, the kids wanted to go play outside, so I got dinner rolling.

While my niece was outside playing, she got blue chalk all over her face because she and my nephew were drawing on the concrete in chalk. It was very cute :P

After dinner was made, and we sat down to eat, I insisted on a family picture! Remember guys

After dinner it was time to get the kiddos into their pajamas and ready for bed!

My nephew had a better idea though. Who needs pajamas when you can roll around with your sister’s toys? :P

Once pajamas were on and playtime was *mostly* over, it was finally time for bedtime stories and goodnight kisses.

I wasn’t just reading stories to my niece and nephew, I was reading to my sister’s furbabies too!

My oldest niece was ready for bedtime kisses, and TJ was tucking my nephew into bed while my sister was putting my youngest niece down for night-night.

After the kiddos were down I finally got a chance to work on my blog entry… or so I thought anyways!!!

Why are they so good at “helping”???

Today was a good day. But I learned a very important lesson. I REALLY need to workout more!!!

♥ Kate


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