Farmers Market Trip

Today I decided that I wanted to go to our local Farmers Market. I hadn’t been to one in a few years; the last one I went to was within walking distance of my old house, but we would usually stop there on Sunday’s after mass on our way back home. Unfortunately, I wasn’t interested in anything about it, other than getting out of there so I could get back home as soon as possible because I was b-o-r-e-d.

Gosh I led such an exciting life a few years ago…

TJ and I got to the market at about noon, which really isn’t the best time to go. It was already really hot (almost 90 degrees F), so walking around was not so much fun because I was starting to sweat like a pig (yuck!). It was totally worth it though. Check out what they had!

After looking at all of the stands, I decided I wanted to take home some Lemons so I can make my family some fresh lemonade for our family dinner tonight.

I also saw that they had some Hoss Avocados, and I knew right away I had to get some. I had no idea what I would make with them, but that this coming week, I will be using them! So keep an eye out for a recipe with avocados :)

I took one last look around the market and decided I wanted something else. So I went to a stand that had a little of everything. They had gorgeous blood ranges, tangerines, nectarines, white peaches, yellow peaches, pluots, and some more things that I can’t quite remember.

After looking at everything, I decided on some white peaches so I could make Dad a homemade peach pie. I know he’ll love it because he absolutely loves peaches, and peach pies are his absolute favorite (like me and Angel Food cake :P).

After I paid for the peaches, the farmer that was selling them offered TJ and I a slice of the yellow peach he had sliced open and was eating, and oh-my-goodness.

I’m going to be perfectly honest here. I haven’t actually tried a peach (other than like, a small, itty bitty piece because I had to). So I thought I didn’t like them.

Oh boy was I wrong.

This peach was glorious.

When I bit into the juicy fruit it sang to me.

It also smacked me in the face saying “What is WRONG with you??? How could you think you didn’t like me???”

As I took another bite of the peach and the juice ran down into the palm of my hand, I realized something. To me that slice of yellow peach embodied summer.

It was everything summer should be. Sweet, fresh, juicy, and just perfect.


The Farmer’s Market was so great! I am definitely going to be making this a weekly thing, but next week I’ll be going a little earlier :P

♥ Kate

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