My World of Warcraft Backstory

As many of you know, I am an avid World of Warcraft player. I started playing in December of 2005, when I was a Sophomore in high school. My then-boyfriend and his best friend were downloading free trials of WoW, and I decided to join them because I remembered that my sister, Carrie, and her husband, Jeff, also played. So after a ridiculously long download on our AT&T DSL (darn wireless internet), I was finally in the game.

I started on the Draka server as a Night Elf Rogue. My then-boyfriend also rolled a Night Elf Rogue, and his best friend rolled a Night Elf Druid. After Carrie found out I had downloaded the free trial, she said we should restart characters on her server, Khadgar, so we did. I was still so in awe of everything in the game, I mean, I had never played anything like this.


I was a computer gamer, but I played The Sims, SimCity, SimTower, SimCopter

(see a trend here? lol)

It took me forever to convince my parents to let me get my first gaming console (Nintendo Gamecube, yeah I was kinda behind on the whole “console” gaming LOL).

Anyways!! Point being I was a total and COMPLETE n00b. Seriously. It was so bad. Don’t believe me, here’s an example…

In WoW there are  continents made up of multiple zones (think of them like states). In one continent (Kalimdor), my character Bridgetliz (named after my baby niece) had a quest to go from the safe main city of Darnassus to southern Darkshore. Now, if you haven’t played WoW then I should mention that these zones are populated by numerous creatures… from beasts to humans, to elementals, the list can go on and on. Some of these creatures won’t attack you, but others will if you get too close!

I unfortunately learned this the hard way.

As I was running down to southern Darkshore I encountered a mob that decided to hit me in the face.


So hard I died.

One shot I believe.

So I released my ghost from my body and started running back to it so I could resurrect. This process took a while because the closest graveyard (where your ghost appears after you release it from your body) was as far away from my body as it possibly could be.

Great… Nothing like spending 15 minutes accomplishing nothing in this online world.

So after I got back to my body, I was able to get to the quest giver and  turn in the quest. Only to be told that I now have to make my way BACK to Darnassus.


So, since I was a rogue and didn’t feel like dying again on my back to my city to turn in the quest, I did what any reasonable person would do…

I stealthed.

I don’t even want to say how long it took me to get back. It was such a long trip, but I didn’t die!

*sighs* Memories…


So anyways, now that I’m done with my super awesome story of how n00bish I was (and some might argue, still are!), time to get back to my WoW backstory. :) So, I played for a bit on my trial until it was almost up, but then Christmas came along, and I got the best gift of my gaming life. I had no idea that when Carrie and Jeff came over that Christmas morning they had a small-ish game-sized box wrapped up just for me. And what was in that box you ask? WORLD OF WARCRAFT of course!

After we finished unwrapping  our gifts I raced downstairs to put in my game key so I could upgrade my account to the real thing. As soon as I logged in I got an invite to Carrie and Jeff’s WoW guild, got some bags, and my first ever 5 gold (think of it as our dollars). Carrie even teleported my character around from major city to major city so I could see everything. I will never forget when she teleported me to Ironforge… I was in absolute awe.


Before the first expansion pack I was already working on an alt character, my priest Lizzibeth. She almost hit level 60 (the maximum level in the game) before my main character, Bridgetliz, did. When the first expansion pack rolled along everything still had that, excuse my pun, WoW factor. I was still so in awe with everything.

My first ever WoW toon, Bridgetliz, dinging level 60. Too bad I didn’t get the “glow” in the picture of me dinging because my uber-n00b big sister Carrie was late on the screenshot!!!

I remember after I got my copy of Burning Crusade from Gamestop that night, I came home and logged in. I remember getting into a group with some of my guildies and trying to do Hellfire Ramparts, the first instance in the game for level 60s. We wiped (all died miserably) on the trash mobs.

It was sad.

After that I wanted to go see the new Horde city of the new race, Blood Elves. I stealthed through it, without realizing that my non-combat pet (cute little pet that does nothing more than follow you and look adorable) was out and just floating through the air next to nothing! Silly me, any Horde must have been “WTF?! Why is there a Netherwhelp flying down the road by itself???” LOL

The night before I dinged 60 on Bridgetliz. Two of my guildies (real-life friends of my Jeff’s brother) helped me get to almost-60 so Carrie could help me “ding” and take my picture. Too bad she failed!!

During Burning Crusade I changed guilds a lot but in one of them I found something so special to me…

I found TJ.

Bridgetliz (Me) & TJ (Pinky)

We were doing a raid called Karazhan. He was on his warlock, Prilly, and I was on my rogue. Everyone’s WoW crashed, but for some reason he and I were able to log back in. Since no one else in the raid could get back in, they called it and everyone left. But TJ and I were still on vent, so we started talking, and come to find out, he lived an hour north of me! We talked for as long as we could, but then he had to to the bar to get one of his loser friends (now ex-friend thank goodness lol) because he was causing trouble there.

*shocked face* Who would have thought that a loser friend would do that at a bar???? *end sarcasm*


I will never ever in my whole ENTIRE life forget the night I asked my mom if TJ could come over the next day to help us set up the Christmas Tree. Dad was going to be gone for work and we had a Christmas Tree to put up. It was just Mom, Gram, and I so I figured it’d be nice to get some help putting together our Christmas tree. So… I asked mom if TJ could come over to help while we were laying in bed watching America’s Next Top Model. Here’s how our conversation went…

Me: So, I was wondering if a friend of mine could come over tomorrow to help us with Christmas decorations…?

Mom: How’d you meet this “friend”?

Me: Through WoW. He’s really nice, and I think he’d be a big help with the Christmas tree since Dad is gonna be gone all day.

— OH! One thing to keep in mind at this point, I had just turned 18 a month prior to this conversation. Okay, moving on. —

Mom: Okay. How old is this boy?

Me: 21.

Mom: That’s not a boy, that’s a man!!!!!

I laughed so hard. She wasn’t too happy with the idea, but he ended up coming over anyways, and, as I had originally thought, was a big help with Christmas decorations lol And now, TJ and I have been dating for a little over 3 and a half years now. So thanks mom, I’m glad you let TJ come over to help, even though he was a “man” LOL


At the tail-end of Burning Crusade TJ and I had made a new friend. His name was Jeff and he played a Prot Pally on our old server of Khadgar. We tried to get him into raids with us, but he wasn’t geared enough, and after some guild drama and not being able to find a guild where we could all raid together, we decided to re-roll as Horde on a PvP server.

I did lots and lots and LOTS of research, and finally found a decent server: Destromath. Well, it was decent anyways, before it got filled with thousands of baddies and trolls and the like. Darn race change. Let all the baddie Alliance switch to Horde… /sigh.

I rolled a Blood Elf Paladin, Ellette. TJ rolled a Blood Elf Priest, Painfrhealng, and Jeff rolled a Tauren Druid, Zurid.

Lots of stuff happened when we re-rolled.

We made our own guild, Magical Liopleurodons, so we could avoid being spammed to join people’s guilds.

Jeff decided to roll 2 more druids so he could 3-box boomchickens so we didn’t have to deal with pugging anyone as we leveled completely through dungeons (TJ was holy and I was prot).

We leveled to 60 just as Wrath of the Lich King came out.

As we leveled and leveled, we ended up picking up some people to join the guild as we went.

Once we got to max level, we started to put together raids for Naxx10. This was the start of my “multiple alts”. I was on my Holy Priest during most of these times. Our guild became a “sister-guild” with another larger guild, and I helped lead some of the Naxx25s. By the time this happened, I was tanking on my Pally. Then I switched to my mage so we would have a kiter in Naxx25.

That’s where I learned I am the worlds WORST kiter.

After the next patch came out with Ulduar, I was back on my pally tanking again. At this point we had mostly absorbed another guild from a chance meeting where I joined them on their first guild run of Ulduar on my mage. I ended up leading them because I’d been in there before, albeit not super far. And since I was a girl who, for the most part, knew what I was doing, they kinda followed me back to our guild. :P

For Trial of the Crusader I was back to maining on my mage since we had a plethora of heals and tanks (zomgnowai). We got through that, and I actually led a successful PuG of ToC25 on my prot warrior (and got complimented for my leading skills!). Too bad I was so scared/nervous during the whole thing that I swore I was never going to do that again!!

Then the final raid came out. Icecrown Citadel. I was now onto healing on my Paladin. We had made more friends, and then people ended up starting to get flaky. Real Life stuff came up, people didn’t care anymore, etc. So after 2 guildies moved to a 25man guild to raid with them… TJ, Jeff, and I followed. I had originally moved on my mage (who was an alt at the time), so I could learn the strats and bring that knowledge back to our guild. But with less and less people showing up, TJ and Jeff moved over there with me and we put our guild on pause for the rest of WotLK.

Then, as most good things do, the 25man guild came to an end just before Cata (and without a dang Lich King kill for me!!!). So Jeff, TJ, and I moved back to Magical Liopleurodons and worked on putting it back together for the launch of Cataclysm. Unfortunately, we got a VERY late start due to mom being so sick and then ultimately passing away, but everyone was very understanding, and I even got a sympathy card from some guildies in New York (love you guys ♥♥♥).

Now we are *finally* up and running and are raiding again. We’ve recruited some awesome new people, and have some of our old friends still with us. We’ve lost some people along the way, Jeff (Zurid), being one of them, but even though I’m sad our friendship of almost 4 years is over, I won’t ever forget the memories we made!

Anyways, I know this post was way to the point of TL;DR (too long; didn’t read), but if you did read it, I’m so glad you did. I wanted to share how I got into WoW and how I got to where I am today in it. When WoW eventually dies, I know I will continue to keep gaming because it’s become such a huge part of my life. I’ve met my boyfriend on it, and some of my best friends. I wouldn’t trade this for the world.

♥ Kate

6 responses to “My World of Warcraft Backstory

  1. Even though I’ve played WoW, I still don’t get a lot o this! (Except I feel very proud that I know what “vent” is! Lol!) Anywhoo, this was super cute to read about, especially the parts about you meeting TJ, virtually and in real life! Love you so much. P.S. We’ll be in CA for a couple weeks this month! I totally want to do a double-date with you guys if you’re up for it and available! I’ll call ya later! <3 <3 <3


    • That sounds great!!! I start classes on the 15th, but they’re only M-Th (yay for Fridays off lol). Just gimme a call and we’ll figure something out! ♥


  2. Ah the good old days of us being n00bs :P both of us running around ashenvale for like 2 hours trying to find a quest guy you wanted me to help you kill, good times :) I still remember the night your “Boob” shoulders dropped for Bridget and you were so excited you almost didn’t even roll/bid for them!

    Though honestly WoW has become boring for me as of the past like 6 months, hence the like 4 month spree where i quit, but I’m still playing so i can keep in touch with all of my out of state friends (you included :P). When Diablo 3 comes out i’ll prob cancel my WoW account and just play that, yay for Real ID!


    • We had some good times Justin! I miss those old days, especially with how magical the game seemed when you’re new. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I almost didn’t roll on my boob shoulders when they dropped!!! I was so freaking shocked/excited that it dropped that bidding just blew my mind… lol

      WoW gets boring off and on, but that’s why you have other things to distract yourself with. Minecraft, console games, baking, cooking, reading, or rl in general! :P I’m glad you’ll still be on Real ID because it’s nice keeping in touch with out of state friends from the old days!!


    • Oh yes, I’ve met some amazing people from all across the country!! Especially you and Kortnie. I love you guys to death! It’s so nice having another girl in the guild (to balance out all the manliness LOL), and you two together are a breath of fresh air. I’m so glad you guys joined the guild, and I’ll hunt you down and bonk you on the head if you guys leave us!! ♥♥♥

      And I’m glad you like the blog hehe


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