The Finals are Coming!!

So… I did it again. I said I was going to not have a freaking long time between posts, but I did. Why? Because life is AMAZING.

Okay, why really? Because I’m a  wonderful procrastinator full of awesome procrastinator skills that waited until the last minute to finish homework and stuff before the end of the finals.

Go. Me.

So now, I have my first finals on Monday (yeah… as in 2 days from now) and I still have a LOT TO DO!

FML? Yeah… definitely FML.

This pretty much describes what happened. True story.

So now I’m down to the last 48 hours on some of my homework… and by some I mean 2 concert reports, plus about 6 chapters worth of exercises for Music Fundamentals that is due on Monday at 8am (8am…. for a final. WONDERFUL!).

*looks at the time, then looks down at self*

Awesome. I’m actually supposed to be getting ready to head over to my BFF’s house to study for our Physical Anthropology final we have on Monday as well, but I’m still in my pajamas.



I seriously have a list of 25+ items on my phone that I named “School To-Do”, and it’s everything I have to have finished by that class’s final next week.

So… would anyone like to come shoot me now? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

On top of all of that, I have made a new best friend. What is the name of that best friend? Acetaminophen w/codeine #3.

No, I’m not turning into a druggie! It’s my new best friend because I finally had my root canal yesterday.

It took 3 hours, and it sucked.

Really, really bad.

But… that’s a story for a day when I’m NOT procrastinating about getting dressed to go study about primates and humans and evolution and stuff.

See? I know my stuff for that class. I am SO going to get an A.

Okay, I am so NOT like that by the way. Well… only in my Physical Anthropology class though. Because I have a 96% in there right now and have that never-ending list of things to accomplish.

Plus someone hit me in the face with a baseball bat.

Fine… no one really did. But it sure feels like it.

Stupid root canal.

I am really excited to get past finals though! I would like to think that I’ll be less stressed because I will be done with school until January 23rd. But… I know me too well. And once I get past finals, I won’t stop being stressed, I’ll just move my stress focus from finals to getting ready for Christmas in time. I mean, it’s stressful! The house is still not decorated, no present buying has been started, and no sweets baked!
Unless you count that batch of mom’s sugar cookies I baked for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap… but I hardly got to eat any of those. And by hardly I mean I ate like… a dozen. Or so.

Um… so yeah! I’m still in my jammies, and I am supposed to leave in 4 minutes.


Well, I will leave you all with the remainder of my lovely internet memes regarding finals! If you’re a college student going through finals, or have kiddos going through them, I know you’ll enjoy them.

Oh, one more thing! Remember that list I mentioned? Yeah… I have to do my blog post about the sugar cookies I baked for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap tomorrow too. Because it’s due on Monday.


Have a great weekend everyone! And I hope it’s less stressful than mine!

♥ and harp strings,

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