Christmas Eve Already??


I can’t believe I woke up this morning and it’s Christmas Eve already… I mean, where the heck did the time go??

I’ve been so busy this week, and I’m STILL not done with everything.


Earlier this week I got my mom’s Christmas Village set up, so even though the house isn’t decorated for Christmas like my mom would have had done, it still has a little bit of her.

My mom’s Christmas village always lights up the house. It’s so whimsical, and I loved putting it up each Christmas with my mom. For me, this village holds wonderful memories of Christmas when I was little, and while I was growing up. We always used to joke about the people in the village were so happy to get out of their box for this one month of the year. They would party-hardy most of the time, unless they got terrorized by a fluffy, 4-legged, giant, meowing monstrosity who would occasionally jump up and walk around their village, knocking them over.

Poor things.


So, I have some excellent news though, which I think is a wonderful way to start my Christmas Eve!!

All of my grades are in for the Fall Semester, and here’s what I got!

History of World Civil to 1500: A

Music Fundamentals: A

Intro to Psychology: A

Physical Anthro.:A

Elementary Algebra: A

Straight. A’s. I have never gotten straight A’s in my whole academic career.

I was… sort of a slacker in middle/high school. But boy does it feel good to have finally completed my first semester of college with STRAIGHT A’s!!!!!!!!


Phew. Feels good to get that excitement out. Now onto more important things to stress over, like getting all of my baking done for Christmas tomorrow.


Bake Mom’s Sugar Cookies

Bake Chocolate Crackle Cookies

Bake one more batch of my mom’s Sweet Dinner Rolls

Finish icing my other sugar cookies

Hopefully make two batches of my mom’s sweet bread dough to turn into Cinnamon rolls

Drive up to TJ’s mom’s house to spend Christmas Eve with her

Wrap gifts

Prepare Breakfast Souffle


Oh boy. Good thing I have my first batch of sweet dough in the bread machine. Bad thing, it will be done in an hour. Then I make the dough into balls for the rolls, let them rise in the oven for an hour, then bake them. UGH! I need more time!

This is what my kitchen sink looks like currently. And I haven’t even started baking today! FML FML FML. Anyone want to come over and clean it for me?

I’ll feed you with these:

Although I’m not doing icing them yet. But, you can have the one I messed up on. :)

Here’s a close up of the reindeer. They’re finished. Not as much detail as I would have liked, but… what do you expect when this is my first time icing cookies EVER and I did it yesterday?

I know it’s not a great picture, but here are the dinner rolls I managed to get baked last night after two failed attempts at the dough.

Time for a picture of my dog-dog!

This week (on top of everything else) I had to take her to the vet because she has a horrible cough. Turns out it’s kennel cough, which is only passed from dog to dog. So, she probably picked it up from the groomers =/

She has to have a pill three times a day, cough syrup (which she hates) three times a day as needed, and ear medicine for an ear infection twice a day. Then I get to take her back to the vet January 2nd.


{Isn’t she a cutie? Despite her desperate need for a bath? Hard to believe she’s 13 already}


So!! That is my agenda for today. Plus showering and making myself pretty. And maybe some laundry.

How are you all spending your Christmas Eve??

♥ and harp strings,

2 responses to “Christmas Eve Already??

  1. Katie straight As that is so amazing… I’m graduating this year and have some SERIOUS senioritis up in herr. (Sorry I got a little gangster on you. :P)

    And your icing is blowing my mind. amazing. love you!!


    • Iknorite?!?! I can’t believe I finally got straight A’s!!!! Hahaha it’s totally fine, we both know your so gangsta! XD Woo yay for graduating soon! *high five*

      This is my first time icing cookies, but I am really liking how they’re turning out.

      ♥ ♥ ♥ you!


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