Sad Days Need to Go Away and NOT Come Again Another Day

I need to voice some personal worries right now. Just to help get them off my chest.

Yesterday was a very sad day for me.

TJ and I took Sophie {aka dog-dog} to the vet for her follow-up visit. She had her first visit just before Christmas because she’s had a terrible cough and I was really worried about it. When I brought her in, they wanted to take chest x-rays {for the low low low cost of only $155! *cough*}, but since my dad and I hadn’t planned on spending that much money on vet stuff right before Christmas, we decline. So they went with their best assumption that her cough was kennel cough. So they gave her a shot, and sent me home with cough syrup and an antibiotic for it that I had to give to her three times a day.

During Christmas and New Years her cough got a little better {it had sounded like a seal bark when I took her to the vet the first time}, but then it sort of… plateaued. So I went into the vet yesterday knowing they were going to need that $155 for x-rays.

Well, sure enough, they did. They took them and they are pretty sure they found what is wrong with my poor, sweet, Sophie-dog. The right side of heart area is larger than the left side. They don’t know specifically what it wrong {they wanted to do an ultrasound to help determine it, for the low low cost of $400!}, but it could be heart disease, or cancer…

The thing that really sucks is that she’s 13 years old already {she’s a Shih Tzu, so because she’s a small dog, she’ll live longer than bigger dogs}, and even if we had the money to pinpoint what exactly was wrong with her, Sophie doesn’t have that many years left to save.

Sophie stealing Dad's favorite chair.

So, I sat on the floor of the vet with her and I cried.

I cried because I missed my mom.

I cried because this was all too much for me to take.

And I cried because I wasn’t ready to lose my very first dog-dog.

Sophie helping me practice harp. She's a big "help"!

After talking to the vet and my dad {he was driving back home from Texas}, we decided to have the vet give her an anti-inflammatory shot to see if it would take down any of the swelling, and then I was sent home with an antibiotic and some pain meds, both need to be given twice daily.

Once we got home, Sophie started coughing again. Pretty much any “excitement” will trigger her coughs, so the prospect of going outside and getting a dog treat really got her going.

Oh, I should I also mention, my dog has an addiction problem.

She’s addicted to dog treats.

She will go bark and bark and bark {although lately it’s been cough and cough and cough} at you to take her outside, and then once she gets outside, she’ll try to be sneaky and run around the corner of the house to the far end of the patio, and come back pretending she went potty.

All for a treat.

I swear, she need’s DTA, Dog Treats Anonymous.

Sophie and Picasso, friends for life.

I gave Sophie her first pills disguised in her dog treat, and then started looking around for my phone and book. Turns out, in all of my distraction, I left them both at the damn Vet’s office.


It was a good thing TJ and I were planning on going out to lunch.

So once we picked those up from the vet, we headed to Chili’s. It was about a 15 minute wait because we were there about 12:30PM, but it wasn’t too bad.

I ordered their Soup of the Day to start with.

Baked Potato Soup

It was delicious, and everything I love in a potato soup. And despite it being 85 degrees out yesterday, it hit the spot in the chilly restaurant.

For lunch, I ordered my usual from there.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Talk about yum! Horrible for you? Yes. But dang did it taste good.

If you happen to see all the short stubble on his face, he's trying to grow a beard. He just doesn't know how he's going to shave it yet, so he's letting it all go.

TJ ordered their two meal combo thingy, where you get to choose two things for ~$15.

1/2 rack of {his favorite} dry-rub ribs, and some not so good fried shrimp.

I didn’t eat as much as I usually do while we were out, because I was too focused on Sophie and busy doing what I do best: stressing myself out.

Once lunch was over, we headed back home and snuggled watching NCIS for a few hours {an hour or so of which I apparently fell asleep}, before we made our way to visit his grandparents and his mom so he could say goodbye.

Then it was off to the airport so he could make his 9:05PM flight back home.

The drive back home from the airport was long, and lonely.

And coming back home to an empty house was even lonelier {my dad still hadn’t gotten home from Texas yet}.

Sophie ready to go bye-bye and go see the new house!

So yeah… all in all, yesterday sucked. And I sure hope that I have less of those types of days this year.

Sophie sleeping in her favorite dog bed.

I hope that your day yesterday was infinitely better than mine, and I have my fingers crossed that the same can be said about my day today.

But, I better get off the computer and go get dressed! If I don’t, I’ll just stay in my jams all day, and I don’t want today to be a lazy day. Especially since I want to drive down to the gym near me and see what it’s like.

Please though, if you can spare the time, send a thought/prayer my way. For my precious little girl-dog, Sophie. I just want her to get better, so she can live out her last year or so comfortably, and hopefully without her awful cough.

♥ and harp strings,

5 responses to “Sad Days Need to Go Away and NOT Come Again Another Day

  1. I concur! Sophie’s “meds” need to work. We want to keep her with us as long as we can – but without any pain or suffering. I think/hope that her cough is only an anonyance for her (I know it IS for me). She doesn’t look like she is in any pain and we want to keep it that way.

    Just know, Katie, that everyone loves you and supports you. Let’s hope/pray for the best.

    Love, Dad


  2. Kate, I am sending healing prayets for your Sophie; may that cough go away and Sophie be well. The love for a pet is a deep one, I know….and I wish your Mom was physically there with you (she is watching over you, though, you know.). I’m not your Mom, but I am sending you Mama hugs….

    For Christmas, my husband and I got my daughter a puppy called a Shiffon (my husband’s idea!). She
    is a shih tuz mix….and me & Pickles the puppy are in love with each other. So, Pickles is sending Sophie virtual doggy treats & licks!


    • Thank you so much Isabel.I appreciate your kind words so very much. Sophie and I have been best friends since I was 9 years old, and she follows me everywhere I go. When I’m in the kitchen baking/cooking, or practicing the harp, she is always underfoot, ready and willing to “help” as best she can. Usually her “helping” is trying to trip you when you just happen to have a very sharp knife in your hand because you’re trying to cut some meat for dinner though… And she absolutely loves to cut you off in your path, and then back up into you. That’s her favorite way to trip people :P

      Aw! Pickles sounds adorable :) And it’s amazing how quickly you fall in love with an animal. I should know, I’m a sucker for them.

      Sophie thanks Pickles for the doggy treats and licks, but especially for the doggy treats, since she has an addiction and all haha


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