Livestream: World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria Beta

Hey everyone! I mentioned in my vlog earlier today (if you want to get into technicalities, it was yesterday that I vlogged and thus it was yesterday and not today that I mentioned this… lol) that I intended to livestream some MoP beta, and that’s just what I did! Granted I had some issues at first because the webcam my boyfriend had ordered for me to livestream/vlog/record youtube videos with (that arrived today, which I was SO thrilled over) SUCKS ROYALLY! It really really does. THIS is the awful webcam he bought me. It is deceiving because it looks like it’s gonna be absolutely fantastic, and then it’s NOT. It un-focuses and then RE-focuses on a whim, and randomly decides it’s going to zoom in on the light in my hallway when I’m trying to record…. and to top it all off, when I was trying to livestream the mic on it wasn’t picking up so no one could hear me!

Talk about frustrating. Thankfully I have the return label printed up and I will be sending this back to the company and we’ll get me something better. But yay for my dad having a webcam I could borrow in the meantime! LOL

Anyways, here’s the videos for my livestream! I uploaded them all to youtube so you can easily watch them, and I’m crossing my fingers that they all work!!

Also, quick side note, if it sounds like I have a lisp, I really don’t. The mic on my dad’s webcam is apparently not the best, and I should probably just be livestreaming using my headset mic from now on :P


<3 and harp strings,

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