I’m back! <3

Wow, it sure does feel strange to be getting back to my blog after my unannounced hiatus. I’m sure most of you have forgotten about my little ol’ blog, but if you haven’t and still happen to be getting notifications for it, or are following me on twitter or facebook, thank-you! I know I’m not very good when it comes to commitments regarding tasks and things I plan to do. So I’m not going to go so far as to say I will be making regular posts again (although it sure would be nice!) because I find that tends to lead to unfulfilled promises, and who wants that? Certainly not me! But, seeing as it’s been a year since my last actual post on my blog (I had done some vlogs since, but I decided to take those down), I owe you all some updates on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to!

Oh boy… where to begin? Well… I guess I should start after my last update, which was after my sweet dog-dog passed away last May.


My sweet Sophie and I when I had just turned 14 and was a freshmen in high school!

After Sophie’s passing I had an… interesting summer? Yeah, we’ll call it that. I actually ended up breaking up with my then boyfriend who I had been dating when I first started my blog. He and I were together for 4 1/2 years (since I was 18!) and I realized I had fallen out of love with him, and since the next logical step in our relationship would be to get married, I decided it would be best for both of us if I ended things. It’s been almost a year since I did that (where has the time gone? Like, seriously??), and not once have I looked back on my decision and wished I had done it differently. My only regret was that I couldn’t do it face-to-face since he had moved 8 hours north of me, but I at least did it through Skype instead of stooping so low as to do it via a phone call or text. I mean, talk about rude! We had been together 4 1/2 years, I owed him at least that much.


Harpcat and I relaxing at her Grandma’s pool and enjoying the beautiful Southern California summer :)


Harpcat and I ready for a night out line dancing! Yeehaw! :P

Once I was single, my amazing friend (and fellow harpist, which of course makes her even MORE amazing!) Harpcat and I hit up a local country line dancing bar. Our summer before she moved away to the college she transferred to was so much fun. We danced, we celebrated her 21st birthday, and of course were busy scoping out hot southern boys! Although I didn’t actually find the man of my dreams at the country line dancing place, I thought maybe once school started in the fall I’d meet someone at my community college, since it’d be the first semester I’d be attending as a single woman. Yeah….. that didn’t really work out though, but when do things ever go according to plan? If you’ve gotten to know me, you’ll know that things rarely do because I have a best friend, and his name is Murphy. He and his law are literally the BANE of my existence… and if anyone else would like to become his best friend, please please PLEASE let me know, I’ll be more than happy to introduce you both! It’d be me pleasure!! <3


Girl’s Night In/Harp date! We watched a movie, danced to loud music, enjoyed some wine, and messed around with our harps :)

I also joined a local youth symphony that summer, just in time for their Pops Concert in June! The concert was a tribute to Henry Mancini and John Williams, but I only got to play the John Williams music. As much as I would have loved to play Moonriver, I was over the moon to have the opportunity to play the theme from Jaws, Harry Potter, The Patriot, A.I., and Star Wars!


One last run through of our pieces before the doors opened for the concert!

I also went on a road trip with my sister and her two boys to visit our sister and her family in Texas. It was a 12 hour drive, but it was so worth it! We relaxed in her pool, visited, watched Big Brother together, went to the Carlsbad Caverns and to White Sands National Park in New Mexico.


Me at White Sands National Park, New Mexico


My sisters and I at White Sands National Park, New Mexico.


My sisters and I at Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico.


My sisters, their kiddos, one of their hubby’s, and me at Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico.

After Summer it was back to the daily grind of classes and what not. I wound up taking 16 units and got a 3.6 GPA that semester.

  • Freshmen Composition – B
  • Interpersonal Communications – A
  • Music Theory I – A
  • Musicianship I – B
  • Intro/Appreciation of Music – A
  • Instrumental Chamber – A
Jessica took a pic of her boyfriend and I goofing around in our English the classroom on the day that the final was SUPPOSED to be... hence the pajamas :P

Jessicat took a pic of her boyfriend and I goofing around in our English the classroom on the day that the final was SUPPOSED to be… hence the pajamas :P

It was a good semester, but the only reason I even survived is because my other best friend, Jessicat, and her boyfriend were in my English and Comm classes. They kept me sane, especially in that god-forsaken English class… omglob. I ranted on Facebook a bit about it during the semester, but I had the teacher from HELL that semester. She added an extra essay, moved due dates UP (instead of pushing them back like a normal teacher….) and held the final on a day that didn’t correspond with the day the school had issued for the day/time of that class. It was a miracle I pulled a B out of that class! Ugh!


Wow, so I’ve covered a lot so far, but I just have a couple more tidbits to throw out before I finish this long overdue update. I turned 23 last November, and had a party with friends at my place. I made homemade mac ‘n cheese, amazing jalapeno pizza poppers for appetizers, and my grandma’s recipe for what we call Creamy Baked Chicken (recipes for all of these to come!). We played board games — Pictionary Man and Clue — and had an all around great time.


Harpcat and I at my birthday party <3


Candie, me, Jessicat, and her bf, at my birfday party!

63154_10151147122848227_1933421725_n (1)

Harpcat, Jessicat’s bf, and Jessicat playing Clue!

68236_10151147131548227_708606723_n (1)

Jessicat and I goofing around while playing another round of Clue lol


Of course, you can’t forget that Picasso was there to join in on the party fun!

Also, right around my birthday I started to seriously talk to someone I had met a while ago back in World of Warcraft. He’s a Marine and was stationed in Afghanistan for the last year. I had added him to my Facebook when I ran into him in game a few years ago because he seemed really nice, but he had disappeared because of work and honestly I had kinda forgotten about him. But one day towards the end of last summer, he messaged me on Facebook because he was bored to death and wanted someone to chat with. He and I would chat here and there, taking a few days to a week to actually respond to each other, but I never really thought anything of it. But the longer we chatted, the more frequently we ended up talking, and finally around my birthday was when I realized I was starting to fall for him… bad.

190775_490786287631463_112576370_n (1)

Mr. Envoy and I at his sister’s birthday party in January.

After my birthday he and I started skyping, which was really hard because of the time difference between Cali and Afghanistan (it was an 11 or 12 hour difference!)… But I liked him so much I was willing to get up stupidly early just so I could (if you know me even slightly, this is HIGHLY unusual! I am NOT a morning person, like at all. At ALL! I stay up late, and sleep in late. Period. End of story. But… he’s the one exception). He and I would talk for hours if we could, and it was the highlight of my last month and a half of that semester.


Mr. Envoy and I on New Years Eve. We went line dancing with Harpcat! Although he didn’t like it too much. He’s definitely not any of the southern guys Harpcat and I had been oogling during the summer, and wouldn’t be caught dead in cowboy boots LOL

I knew he was getting back from Afghanistan late December, right before Christmas. So we decided that we wanted to meet, and on December 23 I met him at a Starbucks where his friend dropped him off (his car was still at his sister’s about 3 hours away, and he had only gotten back a few days before so he hadn’t had time to get it yet) and I drove him up to my area where we went to lunch and watched The Hobbit. On the car ride up to my neck of the woods, I was really nervous. I had tried dating people I’ve met online before, but it only worked out once, with my ex. Usually what would happen is I would fall for their personalities, but once I met them there would be no physical attraction, which is well, kinda sorta important, ya know? lol But with him… Oh man… I mean, just look at him! I had butterflies! When he took my hand in the car while I drove, my stomach was freaking flip-flopping everywhere. And by the end of the day, after he had flipped my clodagh ring so it showed I was no longer single, we had claimed each other. Sure, it might have been a little fast I suppose, but we had been talking for a while online and skyping every chance we got. So although it had only been our first in-person meeting, we weren’t complete strangers.


Mr. Envoy and I <3

And now, 5 months later, we are still together and I am so happy, and so in love with him. He got selected for promotion to Staff Sergeant while he was deployed, and this month he was finally promoted which meant he needed to move out of the barracks. So I helped him find an apartment between base and my college, and I moved in with him. I’m actually typing this all right now in our 2 bedroom apartment that is still only 1/2 way put together >_>


I love him so much xoxo

I will be posting pictures though once things are put together and decorated! I can’t wait to show it off to you all. It looks kinda, well… kinda-super ghetto on the outside, but the inside is really nice :D And I do have my mother’s touch for decorating, if I do say-so myself. So I’ll be sure this place looks awesome hehe

Anyways, I suppose that’s pretty much it! I know I left out a lot of things, like Christmas and Thanksgiving and the awesome decorating job I did on the outside of my old house for Halloween. But I figured this was getting really really long already >_> Now that you’re all caught up, I can get back to posting things without having to do a huge backstory on everything lol

I hope you all have had a good year, and I can’t wait to get back to this blogging-thing again! I’ve missed it, and missed you guys!

<3 and harp strings,


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