My Week in Instagram 06/10/13 – 06/16/13


I decided that one of the things I wanted to do with my blog was post weekly “My Week in Instagram” posts. I thought it would be a fun way to share some of what has been going on with me in case I get too busy to post like I want to. So, let’s begin!


Finally got my hands on a copy of Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm Collectors Edition! So excited for it because I’m a Zerg player through and through! ^.^

I was so excited to finally get my copy of the Heart of the Swarm Collector’s Edition for SCII! It’s been ages since I played StarCraft (like, over a year sadly…) but when I’ve had the chance this week I’ve been derping through the campaign and having an absolute blast! Blizzard has really outdone themselves with this campaign, and if you are a StarCraft fan and haven’t gotten this expansion yet, DO IT!


Picasso just couldn’t stand it, and decided to “assist” me with taking apart the guinea pig cage at the old house… /facepalm

In order for me to get the guinea pigs into their new cage (that I had to build), I needed to dismantle the cage I had for them in the old house because I needed the grids for the new cage. And of course, Picasso just couldn’t help himself. He had to climb into the half taken-apart cage while I was working on it… He’s lucky he’s so damn cute!


Unhappy kitty is singing me the song of his people atm x.x This will be a fun 35min drive….

I moved Picasso from the house to my apartment last week. He usually is very brave and doesn’t meow a ton, but when I put him in his kitty carrier and strapped it into the front seat of my van, he was not having it! He meowed for most of the drive to my new place, and was a very unhappy kitty lol


I guess you can say he’s comfortable in his new home lol

However, it clearly didn’t take him long to get used to his new home, because I took this picture a few hours after letting him out of his kitty carrier lol


The base/storage area for the new guinea pig cage is complete! Now to trim the zip tie ends and attach the walls of the first story!

With the old guinea pig cage dismantled, I could finally work on putting together the new one! That’s the base for the 2-story cage I designed. It allows me to have storage for their hay, food, extra bedding, and cleaning supplies.


And… First floor attached! Now to trim these zip ties and get up to the old house to pick up the tools I need to do the rest :)

And here’s their cage with the first floor walls attached. So many zip ties used! O.O


As soon as I walked into my room he started rolling and meowing. I guess he’s super happy to be here and not all by his lonesome at the house lol

Picasso has been up to his usual antics during his first week at the apartment. Lots of rolling to expose his belly and meowing adorably, racing from one end of the apartment to the other, getting into things he shouldn’t be, etc. I’m glad he’s made himself at home… lol


Just finished unpacking and putting away the china I’ve had set aside for me since I was a kiddo. It’s china that one of my relatives who was a merchant sailor got a looooong time ago from China :)

I unpacked/put away my china! My parents had this in storage for me for years, and now that I finally have my own place, I can have it. It’s absolutely stunning white china with blue flowers and silver edging on it. If I remember correctly… my dad said that my mom’s uncle was a merchant sailor and got it from China probably…… 50 or so years ago? All of my siblings have a set, so it’s really special to me :)


The girls are in the first floor of their new C and C Cage! Still have to attach the ramp and get the second floor done, but with furniture coming in a few hours, this is good enough for now!

Despite the cage not being finished, I had furniture coming to my apartment from the old house so I needed to get the girls into at least part of their new cage. I could tell that they were so happy to be in it, because they kept running laps and popcorning (they hop in the air, just like a corn kernel ‘popping’).


Someone is enjoying him’s new kitty condo!

And finally, Picasso really seems to like his new kitty condo I put together for him this week. He’s a little large for the house on it, but he doesn’t care lol It has a ton of scratching posts for him (which is good because he’s a scratching maniac!!) and it’s right next to the guinea pig cage in the office so he can watch them with ease (he likes to hang out next to them lol).


Well, that’s that I guess! Those are all my instagram photos I took from last week. One major thing that happened that I didn’t get in the pics though was my orchestra concert I had Saturday night, but that’s because my phone was dead as a doornail because of a new game my boyfriend got me into >_> But I hope you all liked that, and remember you can always follow me on Twitter and Instagram, where all of these pics are also posted!

Twitter: @geekkate
Instagram: geekkate

<3 and harp strings,


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