My Week(s) in Instagram 06/17/13 – 06/30/13

Morning all! Wow, it is morning isn’t it? I’ve been up since 5am because the boyfriend had to be at work this morning for Regimental PT at 5:30… ugh. Oh well, he can go work out in his cute little green short-shorts while I sit here enjoying a cup of coffee, playing some of my latest obsession (which is The Sims 3 Island Paradise), and chatting with my Aussie friend. XD

Anyways, so here is my last 2 weeks in Instagram. I decided to wait until this week to do another update because well, quite frankly I’d been busy finishing helping my dad get moved out of our old place and my photos weren’t super exciting or anything lol Plus I’ve realized, I take FAR too many pictures of my cat. I should probably do more exciting things with my summer other than snap pics of Picasso’s adorableness and whatever concoctions I’ve whipped up in the kitchen. Or my games. But that’s effort! And who likes effort? I s’pose a little effort never hurt anyone. But it’s Summer. So really the only effort I should be using is finishing unpacking my apartment, sleeping in, and staying up late gaming. Neither of which I’ve done a whole lot of these past 2 weeks. Well, I’ve done lots of gaming *cough*The Sims 3 Island Paradise*cough*, but not so much the unpacking, sleeping in, or staying up late. Oh well, I guess it’d be good for me to get used to waking up early and stuff. Especially with the classes I just finished registering for last week… Ugh! But yeah, enough of me rambling >_> Here’s my pics!


Super naughty kitty strikes again! I kept telling him no, he wasn’t allowed up there, but he finally did it… Now for the fun of him getting down and inevitably landing on my keyboard while I’m playing a game *shakes head*

Picasso just can’t behave… The majority of his day is spent sleeping, and the rest of it is trying to sit in places he’s not allowed >_<


Ceiling, er… Top-of-the-desk cat is watching you!!

Or laying in places he’s not allowed… Good thing he’s cute, because he sure gets into trouble a lot!


Yup, him does indeed love hims kitty condo :)

There we go! A place he’s actually supposed to lay lol He only seems to use it while I’m in the office on the computer though >_> Oh well, at least he looks super sweet :)


Between the guinea pigs wheeking for dinner and Picasso trying to lay on my mouse, registering for the fall semester was super fun…

Oh yeah, he also decided to help me register for my Fall semester of classes… It was super super helpful. And by super helpful, I meant actually not at all. He kept trying to bite me hand whenever I’d put it on the mouse to move it and click on things because I was “disturbing” his royal highness. Uh… I thought it was MY desk, apparently I was wrong!


Aw! I have the sweetest childhood friend ever! I came home from cleaning the old house to see a package sitting on my patio with this inside!! Thanks so much!! You are amazing <3

A couple months ago my best friend while growing up found me on Facebook again. She works at an antique shop in our hometown and sent me this adorable plaque to hang up in my home as a housewarming gift. It was the sweetest surprise to come home to :)


Mmm swordfish! Too bad the bf thinks it stinks and is disgusting… *sigh* Oh well, at least I think its yummy, right?

I made swordfish for the first time! ever! I tried a recipe I found online and I think it turned out pretty good, even if it didn’t look amazing. It had a buttery, garlic and peppercorn sauce which was yummy! I just wish the boyfriend liked it… But alas, he hates seafood with an undying passion, so more for me I guess?


Grilled chicken, jasmine rice, and carrots. Yum!!

The 23rd was my 6 month anniversary with the boyfriend, so I tried to make us a nice dinner. I grilled some chicken for the first time at our new place, sauteed some carrots, and made jasmine rice. I think it turned out really well, and we had a nice night together watching The Hunger Games :)


The office manager takes his job very seriously!

Picasso has a thing for office chairs… always has and always will. And if I’m in the office, he likes to be too (unless he’s busy sleeping in a dining room chair). So if he’s not hanging out on his kitty condo, or attempting to fit his fat butt somewhere on my desk where it doesn’t belong, then he’s usually lounging in the boyfriend’s computer chair “overseeing” office operations lol


My “helper” forced himself on my lap, claws and all, while I was trying to practice. With the harp back on my shoulder and everything… I guess you can say he really likes music??

This cat, I SWEAR! I was trying to get some harp practice in, and he just couldn’t help himself. Like, he literally could not. He loves it when I practice, and usually he’s rubbing up against my legs or the harp, but this time he insisted on jumping into my lap while I had the harp pulled back on my shoulder… being sure to use his claws to get up there because he didn’t want to fall since there wasn’t technically room for him to get into my lap! As I said earlier, good thing he’s so cute, because he sure is a pain in my rear sometimes… Okay, MOST of the time… *sigh*


Making some parmesan risotto and chicken with red bell peppers and broccoli. I’m just messing around with the chicken & inventing as I go, so I’m excited to see how it turns out!

I also tried my hand at a recipe of my own creation the other night. I made parmesan risotto (which I’ve made before and the boyfriend is addicted to lol), and then I made chicken with a sauce made from shallots, vegetable oil, white wine, a little apple-cider vinegar, cream of chicken soup, and some mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I also tossed in some red bell peppers and broccoli florets.


And its all done! It tasted good while I was cooking, so I’m excited! My only concern is that the veggies might be a tad mushy =/

It was a huge hit with the boyfriend, and I’ll definitely have to try making it again (and writing down measurements so I can post it on the blog) here soon :)


That’s my past 2 weeks in Instagram! Nothing super exciting, but alas, that’s how my life is at the moment lol I’m thinking of possibly doing commentary on this summer’s season of Big Brother, because I love that show and thought it might be something fun to add to my blog. I also want to do a post here soon on my adventures with Island Paradise, because that game is SUCH a blast :)

As always, you guys can find me between blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! See you all soon :)

Twitter: @geekkate

<3 and harp strings,

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