Let’s Play Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: Ep. 8 (Team Path) – Sophia Got Stuck -.-

Hey guys! *wave*

Boy oh boy have things been crazy for me… If you follow me on FB/Twitter, you know what I’m talking about… the soundboard on my 95 year old harp cracked, so I’ve been trying to find someone to replace the soundboard, someone to ship the harp to the person, and a rental harp to use in the meantime. It’s been giving me a headache and causing me to not sleep well at all… Which is why it’s been a few days since I’ve put out a video =/

But I finally made myself sit down and play some today, because I thought I deserved some fun gaming time, what with all this stress and all.

So, where did we leave off with Indy and Sophia? Well, we last saw Indy trying to figure out how to get Sophia out of the hole she fell into at the dig site in Algiers. After finally figuring out how to free Sophia, Indy discovers a clue as to where to go next – the island of Crete! Atlantis is close!


(If you missed the previous episode, clicky here!)


(Check out the next episode here!)

<3 and harp strings,


Tell me what you think! I'd love to know =)

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