Let’s Play BioShock Infinite: Ep. 3 – Blue KKK Wanna-Bes & Dying Like a Baws

Hey guys!

Sorry it’s been a few days since I last posted a Let’s Play video. I started my 2-week tutoring course at my school this week, and just finished up 2 days of orientation for my new job for the school. So…. I’ve been kinda too busy/tired to actually get this posted until now. But I don’t have any class tomorrow, so I finally made some time to get this done :D

In this episode Booker has managed to get all of Columbia put on lock down following the discovery of his hand brand signifying him as the false shepherd because the police force is trying to kill him. Booker still has a mission to complete though – finding Elizabeth – which is what he is attempting to do. As he makes his way through Columbia, killing police as he goes, he discovers more racism (including some KKK wanna-bes sporting some blue robes) and crazies.


(If you missed the previous episode, clicky here!)


<3 and harp strings,


Tell me what you think! I'd love to know =)

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