First Day of Fall Semester, 2013

Oy. Vey.

That’s all I can say to describe my first day back!

It started off on the wrong foot because Nik left early this morning to head into work in prep for leaving for the field today. He’s gone for a bit, and it made me really really sad because this is the first lengthy field op I’ll have dealt with since we moved in together at the end of May…

A few months ago he had one too, where he was gone for ~20 days or so, but we weren’t living together yet so it wasn’t as hard. Sure there were days where I went without hearing from him because of lack of cell service, but I wasn’t used to seeing him every day like I am now… which makes it harder.

So after a tearful goodbye (on my end because I’m a big baby) I was left with my orange marine-in-training for company =(

After moping around for a bit, I finally hurried to get ready in time to make the long-ish drive to my college.

However – and this is where my day continued to stay awesome – I forgot something really important that I needed today… My marketing material to give to my SI students on the first day of class! -.-

And naturally, I realized that half way into my drive. So there was no way I could turn around to get it and then get back to school on time for class…

So on I continued. And as I continued towards school, I realized more things I forgot…

Snacks for the day.

Pain meds for the severe pain I have from my wisdom teeth that desperately need to be pulled but are going to cost me an arm and a leg to remove.

As I said earlier…

Oy. Vey.

I ended up asking my SI Instructor for Theory I if I could postpone my speech to the class until Wednesday so I could have my material to give everyone, and she agreed. So phew! One less thing to worry about!

I somehow managed to make it through both my math and chemistry classes, complete my math homework, and spend some time with a friend before the meeting for my college’s production of the musical, Pippin, started.

I picked up my audition excerpts for Wednesday and then chatted with the head of the music department at my college for a bit about a very troubling problem I will have this semester:

Where do I put my rental harp while I’m in class during the day? Rehearsals for Pippin aren’t until 6pm, and I can’t keep her in the car!

The reason there is a problem this semester is that rehearsals for Pippin are going to be 3x/week, and I live 40 min away from school. I used to live 5 min away, so I could keep my harp at home… but with these extra days requiring me to bring my harp, and the extra drive I now have, I have to bring it with me when I come in the mornings. And unfortunately my college doesn’t have a locker or room or anything I can lock the harp away in for just such an occasion :(

So after some shuffling around and talking to another faculty member, we finally figured something out – at least for Wednesday’s auditions.

I have class at 9:30 am, and my SI Instructor (and fellow harpist!) has graciously agreed to let me keep the harp in her classroom while she teaches back-to-back classes into the early afternoon. Then I get to quickly get it during my lunch break and move it to someone else’s office during my chemistry class for 1 1/2 hours. Then I get to pick it up and bring it to the main music room (where there are no classes going on) so I can practice before auditions at 6 pm.

Sheesh, this sounds like some sort of custody arrangement!

But… at least it’s something, right?

Too bad that’s only for this Wednesday…

Yikes. My head hurts from trying to figure this out!

But anyways, I got home earlier than I expected, and lucky (or not so lucky?) for me my textbooks I ordered from Amazon were waiting on my patio for me to dig into at some point later this evening.

Over all though, I suppose it wasn’t that bad of a day? *shrug*

I mean, it could have been worse.

Much worse.

But with a constant pain in my mouth from my wisdom teeth, and knowing my marine wasn’t going to be waiting for me when I got home, it made everything seem that much drearier =/

On a fun note though, I rocked an awesome shirt that used to be super boxy until one of my BFF’s helped me cut it make it into a cute tank =D

And I also rocked my new backpack I had been wanting to order all summer!

Sure, it may be meant for kids, but uh… look at it!

Go ahead and ask me: ‘How many f***s do you give?’
My answer?
None. Absolutely none. =P

It has Princess Peach AND Yoshi.
AND it’s pink.
AND Princess Peach and Yoshi sparkle in the sun.
So feel free to judge me! Because I already told you the number of f***s I give XD

Anyways… I suppose I should finish this up and go practice some harp. I have a lesson tomorrow and I want to read through my Pippin audition material for it, as well as brush up on my regular lesson pieces.
And oh yeah, I have that other thing… called homework.

Darn you college! *shakes fist*
Oh well, off I go.

<3 and harp strings,


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