And she’s off!

Some of you may remember that back in August I made a post about my poor Elizabeth’s soundboard cracking :( It was devastating, but thanks to my harp instructor I was able to pick up a rental from the Salvi store waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in Century City (110+ miles from my apartment!) and I carried on with all the harp-related things that came my way.

And boy was there a lot…

  • Taking lessons from two wonderful harp instructors simultaneously
  • Playing in the pit orchestra for my college’s production of Pippin
  • Youth orchestra rehearsals for our upcoming concert (which is this afternoon!)
  • Harp gigs here and there

So yeah… the drive stunk, but there was no way I could go a semester without a pedal harp!

But finally, after months of trying to figure out where I was going to be sending Elizabeth for repairs, and my dad dealing with the insurance, we got our ducks in order and picked up a shipping trunk from my lovely friend, Holland!

It was very nice to finally get Liz out of my dining room, where she sat, unplayable and used as a kitty chair.

Arthas discovered that the top of Elizabeth’s column made for a lovely sitting spot!

After making arrangements with Holland’s mom, my dad and I headed over to her place to pick up the trunk.

My dad didn’t believe me when I told him that it was going to be ridiculously huge, but somehow he still managed to make it fit (kind of) in my van and get it back to his place.


Good thing my dad and his gf didn’t mind me keeping Elizabeth at their place, because my apartment is tiny and there would have been no way I could squeeze her back into my apartment inside that trunk! It was huuuuuuge! O_O *cough*that’s what she said*cough*

And now, a few months after her poor 95-year old soundboard cracked, Liz is finally on her way to Lyon and Healy in Chicago. The shipping company picked her up from my dad’s place yesterday, and will be shipping her by train to get her repairs done.

Lyon and Healy thought that they’d be able to repair her board based off the pictures I sent them, so that’s what I’m hoping they’ll be able to do. Otherwise, they’ll have to completely replaced the board :( But if that happens, I’ll be asking them to ship her original board back home with her. That board is a piece of history, and if I can’t keep it on Liz, I want to turn it into a piece of artwork to hang near her =)

Elizabeth, my 95 year old Style 20 Lyon & Healy Harp

Elizabeth, safe travels out to Chicago! And I hope I don’t have to wait 6 months before you get back home!

<3 and harp strings,

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