Ohmygosh Hearthstone Beta!

Hey guys! Guess who got into the Hearthstone beta (back in October and only realized this a few days ago)?!?!

I bet you couldn’t figure it out but… it was me!

This game is so much fun, and I can’t wait until I get to play it on Mr. Envoy’s iPad :P

Enjoy my starting matches ^_^

<3 and harp strings,

2 responses to “Ohmygosh Hearthstone Beta!

  1. You can earn all of the cards in the game for free just by playing, as well.

    Anyone familiar with Cryptozoic’s World of Warcraft Trading Card Game will recognize the Hero Card mechanic.
    Having zero access to Pv – P weapons until 1800 rating
    was a bit lame.


    • You’re absolutely correct, you can earn all the cards for free, but that takes quite a bit of time. I don’t mind spending $10 here or there to pick up some more cards. In the grand scheme of things, it’s still quite cheaper than playing a physical version of it because most card games can get VERY expensive just to be competitive!


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