Let’s Play SimCity: Ep. 7 – Tornado Strikes!

Ohaider! :D

I’m in a pretty good mood right now, so I’m quite happy (duh right? lol) despite the kittens being kittens and knocking things down in their enthusiasm to tackle each other *rolls eyes*

Anyways though, I made another Let’s Play video of Arthasville! I may have a bit of a mean streak when it comes to the poor wittle towns people of Podunk Hills because I may or may not have unleashed more henchmen on them >_> But the tornado that happened was totally not my fault, I swear!

I also started the next town in Arthasville – Kitten Point! Creative name, right? >_<

(If you missed the previous episode, clicky here!)


<3 and harp strings,

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