My Week in Instagram! 01/13/14 – 01/19/14

Howdy! How are you? I’m still doing swell :) Just nomming some of my leftover flourless pizza from last night before I get started on my workout for today!

So, we’ve come to yet another Monday which means it’s time for this week’s pictures from my Instagram account!

I spent most of this week enjoying my final week off before the semester starts, so there aren’t a ton of pictures because well… effort. XD

And before I forget, as always you can follow me on both Instagram and Twitter to see these pictures when I post them!

Instagram: @geekkate
Twitter: @geekkate

<3 and harp strings,

01/14/14 – Stir-frying up some yumminess for dinner! Chicken and broccoli #stirfry is on the menu for tonight :) #cooking #dinner #healthy #homemade

01/15/14 – The kittens and I are pumped for our workout! Okay, maybe its just me who’s pumped, but either way :P Yay hyperness lol

01/16/14 – I love my hair today :D Throwing it in a French braid right after a shower leads to this the next day! #hair #frenchbraid #thedayafter

01/19/14 – Made a flourless, veggie pizza for dinner! #newbodymakeover #week3 #pizza #cooking #blogilates @blogilates #veggies

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