New Body Makeover: Week 4

Wow, so one week ago today I shared with you guys that I had finally started to care about my body.

I told you how I had finally realized that I needed to lose some weight, and change my lifestyle. I love junk food, and all things unhealthy for you; and on top of that my favorite activities include sitting on my butt. Not super healthy… like at all.

So this week is the first week that I start sharing my progress with you guys as I follow along the New Body Makeover meal plan and Beginner’s Workout Calendar over at Blogilates. I’ll be sharing my trials and tribulations, my success and failures, and all that jazz with you all. And you’ll be helping me to keep on track and not quit! I’m sure you get the picture ;)

One thing I forgot to mention last week is that all of this stuff is free! Cassey is in this to help us improve ourselves and lead a healthier lifestyle, so she has the meal plan accessible to everyone via passwords  you can find in various places (her blog, Instagram, twitter, and youtube accounts) as well as sharing monthly workout calendars and weekly workout videos for everyone! It’s amazing and you should definitely check it out! Here’s some quick links to get you started before I get into the stuff about yours truly :P

This past week I rocked my workouts, and by rocked I meant I did all of them lol I couldn’t complete them like Cassey does in the videos because I had to take several breaks on a few of them, but I know that takes time. The important thing is that I’m trying! And I know I’ll improve little by little :) Here’s this week’s pic of me, post-workout.

I weighed myself this morning at 160.2 lbs. I’ll admit, I’m very disappointed. When I first started this 3 weeks ago I weighted exactly 160.2 lbs. Since then I’ve gone up one week, and down the next. Now I’m back at where I started. It’s frustrating to me, but I know one of the reasons is because I am having trouble not snacking on sweets and having an extra cheat meal every week than I should =/ Gah, why does this have to be so dang hard?! *sighs* Here’s how my eating was this past week. Try not to judge me too harshly pl0x!!







2 chocolate chip muffins ½ serving tuna salad 1 breaded chicken breast 1 cup curry w/cheese 150g white rice 1 scoop cake batter protein powder1 chocolate chip muffin


1 serving Swiss oatmeal 1 cup strawberries 2 slices pepperoni pizza 1 cheesy breadstick 1/3 cup ranch dressing chicken and broccoli stir fry 1 scoop cake batter protein powder ¾ cup cookie dough ice cream 2 slices deli turkey breast 1 slice low-fat Swiss cheese


1 serving Swiss oatmeal 1 cup strawberries turkey chef salad 4 oz. tilapia 1 cup sautéed spinach 1 cup steamed butternut squash 2 scoops amino energy 1 scoop cake batter protein powder ½ cup cookie dough ice cream 3 brownies


Nothing =( ½ Lion King Sushi roll½ Crazy Lobster sushi  roll Nothing =( 1 scoop cake batter protein powder4 brownies


½ serving Swiss oatmeal 2 cool ranch Doritos locos tacos 4 oz. tilapia 1 cup sautéed spinach 1 cup steamed butternut squash 1 package graham crackers


1 serving Swiss oatmeal 1 cup baked red potatoes 1 cup sautéed spinach 5 oz. baked salmon 2 slices pepperoni pizza 2 cheesy breadsticks 1 scoop cake batter protein powder 1 strawberry banana Greek yogurt


garden scramble healthy choice herb-crusted fish with rice, broccoli, and an apple dessert ½ flourless pizza with mushrooms and green bell peppers 2 scoops amino energy 1 scoop cake batter protein powder 1 apple 20 almonds 2 shots iced cake vodka


I know, I know… I definitely effed up with all the crap food and snacks :( This is just seriously hard for me… But each week is a chance to improve and do better, so I need to stay positive. Besides, I can’t change a lifetime’s worth of eating habits overnight, it’s a transition. So I’ll get there eventually… right? Right. Moving on to my workouts! This week I re-started week 2 of the Beginner’s Workout Calendar because I messed up last week and took too many rest days >_<






  • Took as a rest day because my calves were killing me and I could barely walk!



So that’s all the workouts I did! Now that I do feel good about at least! hehe

So yeah, that’s my week last week! I definitely need to keep working at the food side of things (dang you sweet tooth! *shakes fist*), but it’s still an improvement over what I’d normally do/eat. At least I sure think so :P

And as far as physical changes go, I said earlier I’m not really seeing any yet. I’m not feeling any yet either, other than sore muscles the next day lol But Mr. Envoy and I were play-wresting a bit today and he said he could feel my triceps had improved, so there’s that at least!

Well, I need to wrap this up because I still have meals to prep for the week, my marketing material to finish getting together to give out to my Supplemental Instruction students tomorrow morning, and of course some extra relaxing before it’s back to school tomorrow! I hope you all have a great evening, and if you’re starting back to school here soon, best of luck to you! I know this semester is going to be insane for me, so hopefully yours is less stressful :P

And one more thing! If you guys are going through changing your lifestyle into a more healthy one, I’d love to hear about your journey in the comments! We need to be there for each other to support and inspire one another. We can do this!

<3 and harp strings,

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