My Week in Instagram! 01/20/14 – 01/26/14

Good morning guys! ^_^

Wow, so I unfortunately got this to you all a bit late… Yesterday was really really busy! I had to drop the kittens off at the vet for their spay and neuter appointment and then rush off to my first day of tutoring at my college! Which, by the way, went really really well! At least I think so anyways :P

Then I had my really-super-duper-far-away harp lesson this afternoon, picked up dinner from Mr. Envoy’s and my favorite curry house, and then went back to the vet to get the kittens.

The spaying and neutering went really well, which I’m really glad about. Unfortunately Sindi and Arthas don’t share my enthusiasm. But that’s okay, because Mr. Envoy and I are getting a chuckle from watching them plow into wall corners and furniture and then complain about it to us.

Although we aren’t super pleased with the fact that they are trying to climb the kitty condo and pounce each other… So I had to call the vet to get a prescription for a sedative to help them relax a bit, at least for a day or so because I really don’t want to have to take Sindi back to the vet because she and Arthas were rough-housing and pulled her stitches out!

*shakes head* Damn kittens…

Anyways, here’s last weeks pics from Instagram. And as always you can follow me on both Instagram and Twitter to see these pictures when I post them!

Instagram: @geekkate
Twitter: @geekkate

<3 and harp strings,

P.S. Here’s a bonus picture from yesterday, just so you guys can see Arthas and Sindi in all of their cone-glory XD Don’t they look thrilled? :P

01/20/14 – Oatmeal with almond milk, dried cranberries, and chopped walnuts for breakfast! #newbodymakeover #week4 #blogilates @blogilates

01/20/14 – Baked chicken breast, steamed red bell peppers, and sauteed green beans. Omnomnom! #cooking #dinner #cleaneats #newbodymakeover #week4 #blogilates @blogilates

01/21/14 – You can tell I didn’t get quite enough sleep from the bags under my eyes, but I’m awake and energized, and rocking my #IronMan and #GameofThrones mashup tshirt for inspiration! #newbodymakeover #week4 #blogilates #nomakeup #firstdayofspringsemester #collegestudent #beginnersworkoutcalendar @blogilates

01/21/14 – Breakfast time! Today is #quinoa with dried cranberries, almond milk, unsweetened applesauce, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and an apple on the side! It’s supposed to have chopped pecans too, but my wisdom teeth are bothering me again so I thought it wise to leave them out. #newbodymakeover #breakfast #healthy #cleaneats @blogilates

01/21/14 – “Mommy, why aren’t you in bed yet?? Don’t you have to wake up in 5 1/2 hours?” Yes Sindragosa, yes I do… x_x #calicocat #kitten #collegestudent #busyalready #soitbegins

01/22/14 – Morning investigations of the outside while I #workout. They’re so cute! #kittens #calicocat #orangecat

01/22/14 – The semester is officially in full swing! Well, #harp wise anyways. Busybusybusy with #music! So much to learn, and only so much practice time! #musicmajor #collegestudent #harpist #Debussy #Grandjany #Watkins #Naderman #Glinka #Chertok

01/26/14 – Ready to rock my #workout with my new #blogilates clothes! I love my new shirt and booty shorts! #trainlikeabeastlooklikeabeauty #newbodymakeover #beginnersworkoutcalendar @blogilates

01/26/14 – I’m so happy with the power-up necklace and earrings I ordered from @theosng! Thanks so much Mar, they turned out adorable! <3

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