My Week in Instagram! 01/27/14 – 02/02/14

Good morning you guys!

How are you all doing? I’m feeling a little nauseous right now :( I think it’s from me moving over to Cassey’s February workout calendar because there’s more videos and the moves are more intense, and because of my schedule the only time I have to fit my workout in is in the morning before I eat breakfast.


Oh well, it’ll eventually stop as I get more used to the intensity level I’m sure! At least I hope so anyways >_>

So, I know that I’m late with this post again this week too, but yesterday I had terrible stomach cramps and ended up taking a couple hour nap instead of working on homework and getting my Monday blog posts out. I’m not sure what caused the stomach ache though because I couldn’t even work out because my stomach hurt so bad >_<

Anywho… stomach pains aside, I am finally getting this post out so yeah :P

Also, I probably won’t get my weekly update on my workout stuff until tomorrow or Thursday unfortunately because of classes, so bear with me! It will be out as soon as I get a chance to work on it – promise!

Don’t forget, you can also follow me on both Instagram and Twitter to see these pictures when I post them!

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Twitter: @geekkate

<3 and harp strings,

01/27/14 – Man, the last video for this morning kicked my butt! So glad I got my #workout in today though so I don’t have to worry about it later! #newbodymakeover #beginnersworkoutcalendar #blogilates #sweatypic @blogilates

01/24/14 – Kittens are locked and loaded, now to get them to their favorite kind of vet appt because its a fixin’ time! #kittens #calicocat #orangecat #spay #neuter #theyaregoingtohateme

01/27/14 – First day as a tutor! Here we go :) #collegestudent #tutor #musicmajor

01/27/14 – Who needs TV when you have #kittens who have to wear cones! They are so unhappy right now, but at least their #spay and #neuter went well :) #calicocat #orangecat

01/27/14 – Sindi refused to listen to us and climbed up the cat condo for a nap, cone and all. Poor dear, she must be exhausted :( #kitten #calicocat #catnap #spay

01/29/14 – My #workout buddy for the morning. He sure makes it hard because he keeps trying to rub up against me with his cone and pawing at me to play! #kitten #orangecat #neuter #newbodymakeover #blogilates

02/01/14 – Even though its late in the day, I’m still ready to start the #FebruaryWorkoutCalendar! #blogilates #workout #day1 #absandarmsday @blogilates

02/02/14 – I woke up 40 minutes ago, but have been trapped in bed by my conehead #kittens. They are both purring up a storm and are so happy to be snuggling… How can I be expected to move them and do things?? #snuggling #catnap #orangecat #calicocat #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram

02/02/14 – Arthas was being super cute tonight! First he snuggled up with Nik all adorably, and then he decided to snuggle up in the middle of my #geography outline. He’s lucky he’s so cute!! #orangecat #kitten #kittensofinstagram #collegestudent #conehead #neuter


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