My Week(s) in Instagram! 02/03/14 – 02/16/14

Good morning guys!

It’s unfortunately been a bit longer than I had wanted it to be since I got this post out :( I was super busy the week before last, and last week I was sick and didn’t even feel up to going to school let alone doing a blog post. There’s been this icky flu-thing going around campus lately, and I caught a version of it – although it was thankfully the one minus the horrible throwing up/nausea I’ve been reading about on Facebook x_x

Anyways! I’m feeling much better now! I’m actually sitting at my computer, squinting at my monitor as I type this because I haven’t put my contacts in yet while I drink some amino energy so I can try to work out this morning before I leave – and before yesterday I hadn’t worked out in 2 weeks! Hence the lack of those posts too >_>

But yeah… I’ve been taking pictures on Instagram though, and I had some awesome moments to share with you all from these last 2 weeks!

The first was that I got to get all dolled up and attend the 1st Marine Division’s Birthday Dinner with Mr. Envoy. That was really cool because I hadn’t gotten a chance to attend any military functions with him yet! Plus he looked SO damn handsome =D

Then on Saturday I got to visit with an old high school friend (and fellow harpist – in fact the one I learned the harp with!) at her baby shower and meet her new baby boy! I hadn’t seen her since we graduated high school back in 2007, so that was so amazing for me :) Also, side note… holy hell, when did we get old enough to not only get married, but have a baby and have it be “normal” because we’re the right age?!

Later that day Mr. Envoy and I also got to drive up to my best friend’s university and see her perform her junior harp recital. She looked absolutely stunning and performed so amazingly! She had been working on this recital for the past year and a half, and boy did the preperation pay off! I can’t wait to give my own junior harp recital one day after I transfer – as soon as I figure out where I’m transferring >_> lol

Well, there ya have it! Lots of completely amazing moments in my life as of late, and I’m so happy I get to share them with you! Oh, and of course some normal moments too, and some even involving my kittens! Okay, most of them involving my kittens :P

Now go check out the pictures those pictures!! ;)

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<3 and harp strings,

02/04/14 – So, this happened again last night while I was trying to finish my chapter outline for my #geography class… I guess its gonna be a regular thing? lol #kittens #kittensofinstagram #orangecat #calicocat #catsofinstagtam #snuggling #catnap #collegestudent

02/04/14 – I brought the #harp to school today so that instead of wasting gas/time driving the 40 minutes back home to practice during my 4 1/2 hour break, I could just practice on campus. Much more effective this way! ^.^ #harpist #collegestudent #musicmajor #practicing

02/04/14 – Found a smiley face in the bathroom at my #college. Stay happy people! ^_^ #behappy #smileyface

02/05/14 – My hyper sweeties have finally tuckered themselves out! Which apparently means nap time in my lap <3 #kittens #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #calicocat #orangecat #coneheads

02/07/14 – This is how the #kittens eat with their cones. Sindi is pretty good about not knocking her bowl over, but Arthas is a different story (clearly). Can’t wait until Monday so I can take their cones off! #orangecat #calicocat #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #coneheads

02/07/14 – All dolled up for the 1st Marine Division’s Birthday Dinner with love :) #feelingpretty #USMC

02/07/14 – Nik and I at the 1st Marine Division’s Anniversary Dinner :) Isn’t he so handsome?! #loveofmylife #mymarine #USMC #proudmarinegirlfriend

02/08/14 – Elizabeth is back!!!! Now I just have put the tension back on the strings and tune her up. This is going to take a while… And I already broke a #harpstring -_- #harpist #harp #LyonandHealy #Style20 #95yearoldharp #tuning #harpistproblems

02/09/14 – Performing for an art gala at the College of the Desert in Palm Springs :) #harp #harpist #gig

02/13/14 – I’m feeling a bit better, so I decided to play around with my #makeup using the new stuff I got from #Ipsy this month! #fakeeyelashes #creameyeshadow #lipgloss #februaryglambag

02/13/14 – I’m also super loving my #Batman and #Catwoman #shirt from #HotTopic. It’s the little things that help you get over being sick all week, right? Besides, its Valentine’s Day tomorrow, so even Batman and Catwoman can’t resist all the romance that’s in the air! ;)

02/14/14 – Our #ValentinesDay #dinner :) Get mignon, lobster tail, asparagus, and risotto with a balsamic glaze. #cooking #homemade

02/15/14 – Thanks so much for the invite to your #babyshower @hollanddenny! It was so great to see you again, and to meet your super sweet baby boy :) Let’s not wait 6 years to do this again! <3

02/15/14 – I’m so excited for my best friend’s #juniorrecital! She’s gorgeous, and the concert is going to be amazing ^.^ #harp #harpist #musicmajor

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