My Week in Instagram! 02/17/14 – 02/23/14

Good morning!

Well, sort of good morning rather. My jaw is aching something fierce right now, hence it only be kind of a good morning… All weekend my pain levels weren’t as bad as I heard they could be because I was really good about keeping on top of my Vicodin, and despite having a fever off and on it hasn’t been so bad. But for some reason my jaw is aching something fierce right now, and I can’t take anymore Vicodin for another hour…


At least all I have to deal with away from home today is 3 hours of tutoring on campus, otherwise I’ll be home doing homework and can relax a bit more. Which is good, because I have two insanely long days tomorrow and Wednesday, so I’ll need the rest!

This past week wasn’t super exciting though, other than having my wisdom teeth pulled and realizing that I look like a stoner when I’m recovering from anesthesia (seriously, look at the last pic for this week, it’s SO bad lol).

But other than that the week was full of kitten cuteness (as usual!) and a throwback Thursday to Valentine’s Day to show off the absolutely adorable shirt my sister made me! Which btw, she has a page on Facebook you guys should totally check out! She can do custom shirts for adults/kids, dresses for kids, tumblers, cards, baby unsies, etc. You name it, she can come up with a completely customized design and put it on what you want! So go check out her page and give it a like, and maybe order something from her! You won’t be disappointed, I promise!!

I should get going though, I need to hop in the shower and get ready to leave so I actually have time to make/attempt to eat some breakfast and work on some homework before heading to work.

Have a great day today you guys!

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<3 and harp strings,

02/17/14 – I got out of the shower and found my sweeties all snuggled up in their bed <3 #kittens #catnap #snuggling #catsofinstagtam #kittensofinstagram #orangecat #calicocat

02/18/14 – I swear, these #kittens are the cutest things ever! Sindi looks like she’s all back legs! #calicocat #orangecat #catnap #snuggling #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram

02/18/14 – My #workout buddy wants to… Play? Arthas, that’s not my playstyle!! #kitten #orangecat #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram

02/19/14 – My wisdom tooth may still hurt like hell and I may just want to go home and sleep, but it won’t defeat me!! Gonna get some #practicing in before my #Logicclass in an hour. #harp #harpist #musicmajor #collegestudent

02/20/14 – Awwww!! My babies are spooning lol Why are my #kittens so cute and so #snuggly?! #orangecat #calicocat #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #catnap

02/20/14 – #TBT to #ValentinesDay! My sister made me an awesome shirt with my and my love’s initials in a heart. @eadkinson you’re so talented and I love my shirt! #KandOforever because together we’re a knockout! ;)

02/21/14 – “What mom? Is something wrong?” #kitten #orangecat #troublemaker #playtime

02/21/14 – Me after having my #wisdomteeth extracted. Hot stuff right?! Nothing looks better than two big ol’ pieces of gauze in your mouth and bloody saliva constantly trying to drip out of your mouth that you can’t close because its so numb. Good stuff :P #owie #oralsurgery #dentist #anesthesia #BioShockTshirt #sohappyitsoverwith 


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