Artists that Paint in Blood (Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls with Mr. Envoy!)

Almost-afternoon everyone!

Holy crap, it’s Sunday already guys… which means tomorrow is Monday and I have to work in the morning… I’m not okay with this >_< I can’t believe that Spring Break is almost over! I only have the rest of the day and then it’s back to school for 8 weeks of busy-hecticness (new work combo, roll with it). I’ll be back in the thick of things with all 7 of my classes (16 units) in full swing, preparing for two youth symphony performances, my chamber ensemble performance, my solo for the music student showcase, various harp gigs, and of course my hours I work at my college each week. Oh, and don’t forget adding on a hunt for a new harp-moving vehicle since mine was totaled in the car accident I was in a week and a half ago >_<

Oh geeze… I think I need another week of Spring Break…

No? Okay. I guess I’ll just share the next D3 video with you guys and get back to work /sigh

(Check out the previous video here!)

(Check out the next video here!)

<3 and harp strings,

P.S. Here are our toons if you want to check us out! ^_^

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