Big News – It’s Almost Time for the Big Move!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged last – I hope you can forgive me! But, that’s why I’m bringing you all some big news! Think of it as a make-up gift?

Before I tell you all what the news is though, I’m going to share a picture with you all and see if you can figure it out for yourselves first. I mean, who doesn’t like puzzles? I did get a B in my Logic class this semester and it was nothing but puzzles and mind game stuff – which was actually rather fun – so I guess at least I do! :P

So did you guys figure it out? Well if you did then fantastic! If not let me help you out a bit:

Mr. Envoy and I are moving to NEW YORK! Well, Long Island specifically, but omg.

I knew he and I were going to be moving to somewhere else, I just had no idea it was going to be New York! He is just finishing up his recruiter’s course and then he was going to be moved somewhere in the country that they needed him to be a recruiter for the next 3 years. And since he’s going to be a recruiter, his location isn’t dependent on him being near a military base. So literally anywhere in the country was fair game.

But we had choices! 12 actually. They split the country into 6 districts, and we had our top 3 districts and then 3 backup districts. And then we had a first pick and second pick from each district. But our “choices” inside each district were still pretty broad. For example, our first pick was Phoenix, AZ. However, that didn’t mean we were picking the city of Phoenix because that one selection represented the entire state of AZ.

The day that we found out where we were moving involved lots of phone calls to family and friends for me as I got little pieces of information from Mr. Envoy throughout the morning. When I woke up I had a text waiting for me saying we got the 1st district. At that point I knew someone, somewhere, was messing with me. Out of all of the districts, the 1st district was the one district I let Mr. Envoy make both selections from. I didn’t particularly care what he picked because I’ve never been that far east and besides, I was thinking “What are the chances we will actually get this district?”.

Yeah… go figure.

So at the point I realized we were getting 1st district I called my dad and told him I thought we were moving to Pennsylvania. Let me jump back to our choices for a quick sec so you’ll understand why I thought we were getting Pennsylvania. When Mr. Envoy and I were picking our choices for each district, I let him pick both halves of Pennsylvania for the 1st district because he had a friend who had just became a recruiter somewhere in that state and I figured that if for some reason we ended up out there, then he could at least have the possibility of being near his friend. I mean, I figured that was pretty nice of me and all since I had a hand in picking our choices for every other district because I was trying to get us somewhere that had a good harp school somewhere within it. So anyways, I ended up talking to my dad for a while about Pennsylvania and how I was going to have to deal with my first ever Winter and how far away from home I’d be, etc. But then Mr. Envoy sent me another text.

Turns out we didn’t get Pennsylvania. Oh no. It was actually New York. A state that’s even farther away, and ironically, a state that the Navy moved my family to before I was born. Now I knew that someone, somewhere, was having a good joke at my expense. Possibly even my mom. She, my dad, and my siblings made the move from San Pedro, CA to Buffalo, NY in the middle of winter 25+ years ago… and now here I am making a similar move from southern California to somewhere in New York, just minus the dead of winter. Yep… even if my mom didn’t have a hand in this I’m sure she was giggling somewhere up in Heaven.

So now that I know it’s New York I call my dad back to chat with him about it all. He was hoping that I’d get Buffalo, although I’m not entirely sure why. Not only do they have winter, but they get a super bad crazy winter with way too much snow and I’m pretty sure that I’d never leave the house if I had to deal with that. I’d probably become a hermit or something. Which I suppose could be worse because I’d get through plenty of video games and it’s not like I’d have my family or friends to visit anyways but… still. No thanks! Then I talk to one of my sisters and told her about us getting New York. She was uncertain about how she felt regarding how far away I’d be. I mean, she lives in Texas right now, but I didn’t even wind up close to her in the slightest!

Then I got the final text from Mr. Envoy. He texted me the address for his recruiting station that was in a town I’ve never heard of before, so I do the only logical thing I can do – throw it into Google Maps. That’s when I found out… OMG. It’s on LONG ISLAND.

That image summed up my first reaction entirely. I’ve never even visited that far east, and now I’m moving to LONG ISLAND?! At least my sister that wasn’t entirely sure how she felt about me moving to Long Island quickly changed her mind about the whole thing! When I told her it was Long Island the first thing out of her mouth was “Omg! Long Island?! You have to have a reading with the Long Island medium!”  That wasn’t the first thought that came into my head when I found out (note: see previous meme) but uhh… sure sis. Sure… *shakes head*

Now let’s get back to this whole winter thing. Sure it isn’t as bad as Buffalo but… but… they still get snow and stuff. And I have to drive through NYC to get there and I’ve heard how bad driving anywhere in NYC can be. Plus it’s EXPENSIVE! And did I mention they get snow? Like, real snow? With cold and stuff? And temperatures below freezing? And and… snow? o_o

Let me share with you guys a few memes that summarize how this winter is going to be for me being a native southern Californian…













How am I going to deal with this? Are you seriously telling me I can’t wear flip-flops 360 days out of the year? What about short-sleeved t-shirts? I can’t wear those 355 days of out of the year?

Well… crap.

At least this winter should be fairly entertaining for Mr. Envoy. And by entertaining I mean him laughing as he watches me deal with it and complaining about how cold I am. And probably including him pushing me into the snow a few times for fun. Ugh.

It will be a change for him too as he’s a native southern Californian like I am, but he’s a Marine. He’s moved all over and has even lived in snow before, granted it wasn’t for that long, but he’s at least experienced it! My dealings with snow have been like most southern Californians – we take a day and go to the mountains to go sledding, build a miniature snowman because there wasn’t enough snow to build a real one, throw a couple snowballs, then go back home because it’s too cold and it’s so crowded that you might as well be at Disneyland trying to get onto Space Mountain. >_>

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about how if there’s a slight breeze and there’s no sun out I am chilly in 70 degree weather.

Yeah I’m screwed.

Well… at least it will make for some interesting blogging, right?

Oh! I almost forgot to mention when we are moving! He graduates recruiting school the middle of this month, so we are making the 2,800 mile drive with our 2 cars, 2 cats, 3 guinea pigs, and my broken-again Elizabeth at the end of this month so we can be out there in July.

Wish us luck!

<3 and harp strings,

P.S. They also have humid summers, and I hate humidity. Crapcrapcrap.

2 responses to “Big News – It’s Almost Time for the Big Move!

  1. Oh my gosh, Kate! This post is so funny! But, I feel for you…for sure! I would have a heck of a time going there too. It’s so far and so cold and so weathery! And, we’re going to miss you! But, I have to admit….a little part of me is excited because I’ll know someone who will actually NEED warm, knitty stuff! I would love to knit some warm stuff for you….if you’d like. :-)


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