Saying Farewell… to Harpcat

Mr. Envoy and I had lots to do before we left for New York! We had to pack up/clean out our apartment, I had to fly out to Chicago to purchase my new harp (see my posts here, here, and here about that), Mr. Envoy had to actually finish his Recruiter’s course down in San Diego/graduate, and we had to squeeze in time to say farewell to the people we loved.

Unfortunately one of my best friend’s had her own road trip she was taking off for before we left for New York, and she wouldn’t be back until after we had left, so I had to squeeze in some time with her before all of that happened. If you are interested in reading up on her 3-week trip across the country with her mom, check out day 1 of their trip over at her mom’s blog!

Sadly, Harpcat and I hadn’t seen each other in a while because she was away at college. I know we were both hoping to have more time to hang out together, but things just didn’t work out that way :( But the time we spent together before she left was great :)

She and her mom swung by my apartment and picked me up and we went to my town’s adorable downtown to walk through some of the shops. Oddly enough, in the whole year I’d lived in that apartment I’d never actually visited the downtown lol Her mom wanted to get some new yarn for a knitting project she was working on, so Harpcat and I walked around some of the cute clothing boutiques. The clothes were SO cute, so it was really hard to resist getting something, but I behaved myself :P One of the stores even had an old upright bass in it! I love little touches like that ^_^

After her mom had picked out some yarn we finished walking through the stores, we headed to Carlsbad. They took me to a yummy little taco place and we chatted about my move and what a big change I was in for – mainly with the winter! Her mom was excited that she’d finally have someone who could use the warm things she knits, and I know come this winter I’ll definitely be looking forward to getting some of it! When we finished lunch we went to walk around Carlsbad and found more cute shops to browse through, and more opportunities for me to test my perseverance/restraint XD

It was nice to be out in the southern California sun, taking in the ocean breeze. I knew I was going to miss it, despite me not being much a beach person. There really is nothing quite like southern California, is there?

Even though it was bright and sunny out, every so often an ocean breeze would blow by us and cause me to shiver. This caused numerous jokes about how all of us could only stand a temperature variation of a few degrees, and how if I was already getting cold by just standing in the sun at 70 degrees then I was in for a world of hurt come this winter. Well, it’s not winter yet but I’m sure that statement is going to hold true!!!

Next up on our outing was to hit up the Carlsbad outlet malls to do more shopping, and possibly find me a new pair of shorts. For some reason my favorite pair of jean shorts had mysteriously disappeared, and Harpcat and I had plans to go out line-dancing! Obviously I was in need of new shorts :P Before we made it to the outlet mall though, we absolutely had to stop and take some pictures of the Pacific Ocean, it was so gorgeous that there was no way we could ignore it!

Although the trip to the outlet mall bore no fruit for me, and by fruit I mean jean shorts, it was still fun.  My favorite store we went into BCBG Max Azria. It was sooooo expensive (even with outlet prices!) but damn did they have some gorgeous gowns in there! Harpcat and I had a blast finding our favorite ones and imagining ourselves performing in them :)

Our final stop for the day led us back to the beach in Oceanside. It was one thing to stop and take pictures of it, but I didn’t want to leave California without at least sticking my big toe in the water one last time.

Even though it was such a nice day out, the water was freezing – as usual! At least by my standards anyways. I much prefer my ocean water to be nice and warm, like a bathtub! And goodness knows that the Pacific is not known for that -_-

We thought it might be fun to take a picture of our feet in the sand as the tide came in, but before we knew it it was up to our knees! It was a funny surprise with how cold it was, and it’s always fun feeling the sand under your toes go back out with the tide :P

(And in case you didn’t know, I’m the one with the glow-in-the-dark feet :P Harpcat can tan, I just turn into a lobster >_<)

Hanging out with Harpcat that day was so fun, but we weren’t done yet! That same week we also went out to our favorite country line-dancing bar. I got to two-step with Mr. Envoy quite a few times (which was nice since we hadn’t done it since the first time I brought him there back on New Year’s Eve of 2012 – see this post for pics), and do line dances with Harpcat. It was such a blast, and although I didn’t go out to do it that often anymore, I’m going to miss it because she made it so much fun!

Our last time to see each other was the Friday before she left on her 3-week trip with her mom. She and I got together for some coffee and chatted for a while. We talked guys, her trip plans, my trip plans, and how excited we were to know that we’d see each other again in August for harp camp in Utah!

After our coffees were gone and it had started getting close to dinner time, we hugged one last time before parting ways. It was really hard, but one thing Mr. Envoy taught me is that none of this is goodbye – goodbye is permanent, and this is definitely not permanent!

Harpcat, you are one of my dearest and most amazing friends, and I miss you tons already! I don’t know what I’m going to do without you all the way out here on Long Island, but I look forward to our monthly coffee Skype dates to catch up with each other’s lives. I have a feeling that once Mr. Envoy gets started with work they are going to become one of the highlights of each month :)

Enjoy the rest of you summer back home in our beautiful state, but please try to come visit soon! We have an air-mattress ready and waiting for you hun!

<3 and harp strings,


4 responses to “Saying Farewell… to Harpcat

  1. I love you too hun!!! I’m gonna miss you guys so much! You’re and amazing friend and I wouldn’t know what to do without you! :-) And, I will dedefinitely be out to visit as soon as I can!!! :-) Much love!! ~Harpcat


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