Mr. Envoy’s Graduation from Basic Recruiter Course

After 7 1/2 weeks of long days filled with studying and commuting back and forth between our apartment and MCRD in San Diego, Mr. Envoy’s graduation day came. It wasn’t the last step on our pre-move checklist, but it was the most important thing on it. Once he graduated and had his orders in hand, it was official. He had to go to New York. He had to become a Recruiter. So that was that.

Well, unless his orders got changed some time after graduation… Hey, it happened to one of his classmates! But the chances were low of that happening thankfully. And since I’m writing this from our apartment on Long Island, his orders thankfully remained unchanged.

Mr. Envoy woke me up extra early so I could be sure to get ready in time for him to make it to formation before the graduation began. Thankfully I had fussed over what to wear the night before, although that didn’t stop me from wondering if my black dress and hot pink stilettos would make me overdressed for the occasion. Although as it turned out I wasn’t necessarily overdressed, but there were definitely people there in jeans… I mean, he had to wear his Dress Blue Bravos for the ceremony, which is his 2nd best uniform so yeah… jeans just don’t seem to match up to that! But whatever, I looked awesome with my hot pink stilettos and they looked super lame going to such an important event dressed like that.

The guest speaker for the graduation was a Major General who had been asked to give a motivational speech since he had been a Recruiter at one point during his service. He mentioned how being a Recruiter was one of the hardest jobs in the Marine Corps, but that there was a reason the graduates were chosen to do this job. They were chosen because they were some of the best and the brightest the Marine Corps had to offer, and they needed Marines like them to carry on the legacy and to go out and recruit more people just like them.

The Major General didn’t hold back though when he told them that the next 3 years would be tough. Mr. Envoy had told me what sort of things to expect as he learned them from school, like really long days (8am-10pm, possibly) and working 7 days a week (unless he’s made his quota for the month, and then it’s only 6 days). So basically, he will only be home at night to grab a bite to eat and pass out before starting his day all over again. Yep, that is definitely going to make the next 3 years tough – as if just trying to convince complete strangers that joining the Marines wasn’t going to be tough enough already.

The final point the Major General brought up in his speech really hit home for me. He reminded all the Marines that although the journey they were about to get started on was important, their families are even more so. He told them that although they won’t spend as much time with their families as they would like, they need to be sure that when they do they, they really do. Leave work at work and make the most of the short free-time with their loved ones. As much as this special duty assignment is hard on them, it’s supposed to be even harder on their loved ones, which I can already see.

I mean, think about it. I have moved 3,000 miles across the country, away from everyone and everything I know… and to top it off once Mr. Envoy starts work I’ll be almost entirely on my own. But the Major General’s words were so important to hear. He said that it’s possible to get through this – he and his wife did. The important thing is to remember to always to stay strong and to make the most of the most out of each moment you have together.

After the Major General finished his speech the graduation began, and one by one each Marine was called up to receive their certificates from him. And by certificates I mean empty red certificate holder things because they had already received their certificates the day before. But hey, they still got to shake the hand of the Major General, so it works I guess lol

After nearly 300 Marines had been called, the graduation was over. And just like that Mr. Envoy’s MOS had changed to 8411, a Basic Recruiter.

Mr. Envoy with one of his friends he met during BRC.
















Doesn’t he look so spiffy? There’s just something about a man in uniform! Who can resist it?

But in all seriousness, I really am so lucky to have him. It’s why I gave up my life in California to follow him across the country for the next 3 years. This man means the world to me and I couldn’t bear the thought of him living so far away for so long. I know it’s going to be scary, and I know it’s going to be hard on both of us, but the most important thing is that we have each other. If we remember that, we can get through anything.

And besides, what do I really have to be concerned about? Yes he will be working long days, and he will probably come home very cranky most nights but that’s just it… he will be coming home. Each night. He will be sleeping next to me each night. I don’t have to worry about deployments, or not seeing him for 6 months to 1 year. So yes this is going to be tough, but he’ll be here.

So really, how lucky am I? I have a chance to explore this new place for the next 3 years, with the man I love at my side. Who could ask for more?

<3 and harp strings,


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