My Going Away Party

Leaving everything that you know behind is hard, but leaving everyone that you love behind is harder.

Since the moment Mr. Envoy and I started dating I knew that when he moved to become a Recruiter, I wanted to go with him. Then earlier this year that started to really become a reality when things for his recruiting course started to fall into place. Then before I knew it, it was the day before we left for New York. We had signed our 30 day notice for our apartment, gotten all of our furniture into a storage unit, cleaned out the apartment, and made sure we had everything we planned on bringing with us to New York over at my dad’s place. The only thing left to do was say goodbye.

No. Not good bye. Geeze, how many times do I need to remind myself what Mr. Envoy taught me when we first started dating? Goodbye is permanent. It means you’ll never see that person again. This is farewell, just a temporary thing. And although it is only temporary, I still had people to say it to.

So my dad and his wife threw Mr. Envoy and I a going away party at a clubhouse in the community they live in. It was a potluck, so everyone brought a little something. My dad grilled hot dogs and his wife made beans, my oldest sister made my favorite angel food cake, my sister-in-law made brownies (Mr. Envoy has a serious brownie addiction!), my mom’s best friend brought cookies and a salad, and Jessicat brought a yummy pesto dish.

Jessicat, me and her boyfriend. I love you guys! <3

There was plenty of wine, which Mr. Envoy was thrilled about. He recently discovered that he quite liked red wine, and although he only currently likes it for how much of it he can drink without getting a terrible headache in the morning instead of liking it for how it tastes, well… it’s a start lol

Mr. Envoy, me, my mom’s best friend, and her husband.

It was so nice being able to see my mom’s best friend and her husband again. I hadn’t seen them for… well I can’t quite remember how long actually, but I know it’s been quite a while. I’ve known them since I was in the first grade because my mom met her when she was waiting to pick me up from the bus stop which was outside of her house. They bonded over the fact that they both had kids the same age and were best friends ever since. So I grew up with them and their son, who was like a brother to me. Sadly he wasn’t able to make it to the party because of work that day though. But I really enjoyed talking to them about New York because my mom’s best friend grew up in NYC! And their son went to college out on the east coast and has visited Long Island a lot so I’ve already been advised of places I absolutely need to go while we’re out here. They are making a trip out to Long Island some time next year to visit family that’s out here, so they may be my first visitors!

Mr. Envoy, my sister-in-law, me, and my brother.

My nephew, my brother-in-law, my sister, my oldest nephew, me, and Mr. Envoy.

The party was really low-key and fun. We all chatted about what was going on in each other’s lives, watched some funny YouTube videos, and ate delicious food. I’m so glad that my brother and brother-in-law were both able to make it up to the party too because it was a weeknight and I know that they both usually would still be working, but they made a point to come and see us off. It really meant a lot to me!

Selfie with 3 of the 4 siblings! Just missing my other sister :(

The one major thing that was missing from the party was my other sister and her family. It really would have been great to have my whole family there, but she lives in Texas and sadly was not able to make it out :(

My daddy and I.

After everyone had finished dinner and dessert, champagne was handed out and my dad did a toast. As his voice started to shake a bit, he wished Mr. Envoy and I the best on our travels and to have a great 3 years in New York. It was really hard for him to send another daughter off into the world, especially so far away in the world. He did the same thing with my sister who currently lives in Texas back when she was 27. Her husband’s job took them to Texas, and since then they’ve moved back and forth between Texas and Arizona – not once making it back to California. It was hard to keep a smile on my face as I watched him try not to cry :(

My dad’s wife, my dad, me and Mr. Envoy.

My oldest sister remembered something I had mentioned to her once I knew we were moving to New York. I had mentioned spotting a California coffee mug in Starbucks and how awesome it would be to have it so I could think of home whenever I drank out of it in New York, so she got me it and a San Diego Starbucks gift card for the road trip. Although I didn’t get a chance to use the mug on the road, I have used it almost every day since getting to New York. And yes, I do think of home and everyone I love that I left behind when I have my morning coffee.

This party meant so much to me, and I’m so glad I got a chance to say farewell to everyone. The one major regret I have regarding our move is not getting a chance to drive to where Mr. Envoy’s family lives so we could say farewell to them too before we left. They live 3 hours north of where we did back in California, and the timing just didn’t work out with his sister’s job and our moving schedule… but when we get back home to California for a visit seeing them will be #1 on our list of things to do! I promise! I know Mr. Envoy tells me that he’s used to it because he’s a Marine, but I also know seeing his family means a lot more than he likes to let on at times. It was so important for me to see mine before we left, which is why I felt so bad about not getting him to see his. But we will be back there next year to see everyone again, promise!

<3 and harp strings,

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