Moving to NY: Day 2 – Utah & Colorado

Mr. Envoy and I got a late start for day 2. Since we didn’t get to bed until around midnight, we weren’t up until 8am. Then we had to shower, grab some breakfast, pack up the cats, and get back on the road. Thankfully our day 2 drive wasn’t nearly as long since we were only going to Denver, Colorado. But it was still 466 miles to the hotel in Denver, so it was going to be a long day of driving.

The Holiday Inn Express in Richfield actually had a nice breakfast assortment. Since it was free I figured it was just going to be an assortment of cereals, muffins (lacking chocolate chip though, because apparently no one likes to serve chocolate chip!), and maybe yogurt or something. I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong though as they also had scrambled eggs, biscuits, grits, a pancake maker, bagels, and oatmeal. The eggs weren’t all that great, but hey it was a free breakfast and it was something solid for our long drive.

The cats did surprisingly well on the first day, they just slept the whole drive. No potty stops, no food stops, just lots and lots of sleep. They were so excited to get a chance to stretch their legs though! That and use the litterbox lol Sindragosa however really likes to try to scare Mr. Envoy and I… before we left we (once again) couldn’t find her. The beds in the hotel room were the kind where you couldn’t just fit under the bed because the frame goes all the way to the floor, and she wasn’t anywhere else that we could find. Somehow though she managed find a spot between the headboard and the bed frame to squeeze her small body into… So when we pulled her out we leashed her to the door so we’d always know where she was and we wouldn’t have to dig for her again!

Yeah… that didn’t last long. So we put a desk leg through the handle on her leash to hold her. And then we did it for Arthas too and went downstairs to get breakfast. When we came back, they both had squeezed out of their harnesses and were hiding in the same hard to get to spot… So Mr. Envoy lifted the mattress up so I could grab Sindragosa and he put it back down while I put her harness back on her and let her roam free in the room – with her leash attached still of course! That way we’d at least see the leash poking out of her hiding spot lol But as we started to search for Arthas, we realized he’d gotten himself super stuck… Meaning completely under the bed! When Mr. Envoy lifted the mattress one more time, there was Arthas… he had crawled underneath the mattress when Mr. Envoy had it lifted up for Sindragosa and gotten trapped under the frame when he put it back down. Gah! These cats I swear…

So once Arthas was out and his harness back on he got lots of snuggles from Mr. Envoy, and then he wanted to go hang out in the window. Although go figure when I tried to snap a picture of him gazing out the window all he wanted me to do was pet him so the only pictures I got where of him rolling around on the a/c unit >_<

Once all the cars were loaded up and we had put more gas in the cars and cleaned all the bug guts off our windshields, we got on the road to Denver. We didn’t get started until 11am MDT, but at least we didn’t have to change time zones again that day, so we had that going for us at least!

Since we got into Richfield so late, we didn’t really get to see what this portion of Utah looked like so I snapped a picture from the hotel before we left. It was really pretty!

I hadn’t been out this way since my mom, dad and I had driven to Nebraska for my Grandpa’s funeral 5 years before, so I had forgotten just how pretty Utah is. All the red dirt and mountains contrasting with the rich blue skies and white puffy clouds, it’s just stunning. Which is why I took lots of pictures :)

Is this state even for real? I mean, these are just pictures from my car while I’m driving on the interstate and they are freaking gorgeous! I can only imagine how stunning it is in the national parks Utah has! I think that going to at least one of those (probably Zion because Harpcat and her parents love it there) is going on my bucket list.

3.5 hours after leaving the hotel we crossed into Colorado, not too shabby!

We stopped in Grand Junction to top off the cars with gas and we got Chik-Fil-A for lunch. Mmmm Chik-Fil-A… I could go for some of that right now. Which is kind of weird since it’s not even 10:30am yet out here >_>


I was sort of worried about taking my car through the Rockies since it’s only has a 4 cylinder engine. My dad cautioned me to keep an eye on it the temperature gauge frequently and to turn off my a/c to help cool the car off if it started running too hot from the steep incline, but thankfully I didn’t have to worry about any of that! The drive through the Rockies wasn’t that steep actually, which was nice because as I said I was worried about it. But my car is a trooper!

The Rockies were soooo pretty, but it’s a different kind of pretty. Utah is pretty for how barren and rugged it is where as the Rockies are pretty for all the trees and greenery, and okay for a little bit of ruggedness too! It is a mountain range after all :P

Even though we drove through the Rockies in the end of June, we still got to see some snow near Vail point (I think that was what it’s called, it’s been a month since we drove through there and my Google search is not being very helpful at the moment)!

In the pictures you can see the snow on the mountain in the distance, but it was even next to us on the mountainside scattered here and there between the trees. It wasn’t terribly cold up there, at least not cold enough for snow to stick (I think it was in the low 50s when we drove through?), but apparently it had been at one point lol

Despite areas of construction going through the Rockies, the drive was nice and smooth. We got to our hotel, another Holiday Inn Express, in Denver-Lakewood at 8:30pm. The room was nice and since we were on the top floor of the hotel we had a view of the Denver-Lakewood area. When we finished getting the animals taken care of and settled in we remembered we hadn’t eaten since we were in Grand Junction and were starving. But we were also tired and didn’t want to go down to the restaurant in the hotel, so we ordered room service instead :)

It was an odd combination, but I really wanted both a french dip sandwich and a glass of merlot lol Mr. Envoy and I snuggled up and ate dinner as we watched an episode of Ghost Whisperer on Netflix before passing out.

Day 2 was done, only 5 more to go!

<3 and harp strings,

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