NY Adventures: My First Birthday Away From Home

I wasn’t entirely sure what to do for my post for day 4 of my Blogging101 course. The assignment for day 4 is to focus on your audience, so basically think about your ideal audience and then write to them… write a post that shows off your best work and that is the type of content your followers should regularly see.

My first reaction after reading that? Well f*ck. I didn’t know what to write about. My blog is designed for such a wide range of topics that I didn’t have a flippin’ clue what I would write for my ideal audience, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks… it doesn’t have to be a special post! At least not for my blog anyways. I had a post written up that I had scheduled to post for this Saturday but then I looked it over and realized that this post is exactly the type of content my “ideal readers” will be seeing and hopefully enjoying – it’s a post about me, about my life.

So without further ado I give you my post for day 4, a post from my series, NY Adventures. Today’s post is about my 25th birthday.


Last November I celebrated my 25th birthday. I’ve never celebrated a birthday away from my friends and family before, so this past birthday was a first for me.

My day started off pretty normal for my new life in New York… I woke up to Mr. Envoy being at work already and I stumbled into the kitchen to make coffee while Arthas tried to make the refrigerator his new home. This new habit of his was getting to be quite annoying and lucky me he still does it to this day. *sigh*

Since I didn’t want to be alone on my birthday I went over to visit one of my only friend’s I had made on Long Island. Her husband is also in the Marine Corps, although he was no longer actively working as a Recruiter. She and I chatted about school (she went to the same community college as me) and complained about the duty and the hours our love’s were working, and she even did my nails! She became a Jamberry consultant for a short while and got me addicted to the dang things. Aren’t they so pretty? Gah I can’t take it. I think I need to order more of these wraps – the silver is just so pretty!

Later that day I met Mr. Envoy at the VFW (Veteran’s of Foreign Wars) near where he worked because his Recruiting office was hosting a mini Marine Corps Birthday Ball for their poolees (the guys and gals who have signed up to become Marines but haven’t shipped off to boot camp yet).

It was a nice event and very well put together. Although I was bummed about not having Mr. Envoy all to myself on my birthday, it’s hard to complain when you get to throw on a floor length ball gown, do your hair and makeup extra special and spend time with your handsome Marine who looks like a Prince in his Dress Blues :)

When the mini-ball was over I took Mr. Envoy back to his office so he could get back to work. The job of a Marine Corps Recruiter is never over! *aggravated sigh* After parking behind the strip mall where his office was located I glanced down at my speedometer and noticed something huge. The thermometer in my car said it was 32 degrees fahrenheit outside. 32! That’s officially freezing! I know it’s not a big deal to see a temperature like this to well… uh, most of the planet I guess, but to this southern California girl it was a biiig deal! That’s flippin’ cold!

Once I had accepted the fact that is was literally freezing outside of my car, I trudged into Mr. Envoy’s Recruiting office as quickly as possible so I wouldn’t turn into a kate-sicle in my short sleeved dress and strappy heels. I learned well in advance to assume that he was going to be working very late, every single day – whether it happened to be my birthday or not – so I had planned ahead and scheduled a one hour massage and one hour facial for that evening for myself so I wouldn’t realize just how alone I felt on my birthday. I was hoping I could just chill at his office before I had to leave so I wouldn’t waste time driving past the massage place to get home just to turn around 10 minutes after getting home so I could make it to my appointment on time, but while I waited for Mr. Envoy to clear that with his boss I changed out of my ball gown and into something much more comfortable: my go to Fall wardrobe.

Seriously, whoever paired skinny jeans, boots, and a comfy sweater together should be given some sort of award. And to make my outfit even better it was a sweater that Mr. Envoy had picked out for me all by himself! When I opened it I remember the look of accomplishment on his face; he was so dang proud of that sweater – and do you want to know why? “Because if you spill red wine on it while wearing, it the stain won’t show up!” Yep, that’s right folks, he picked out a merlot colored sweater for me because he was worried that my clumsy tendencies would come and bite me in the ass. Gosh that man knows me so dang well! ;)

After changing, my hubby’s boss asked me to sit down and talk with him for a bit. This duty was doing a number on my poor guy and his boss was worried about him. His boss told me that he always seemed sad at work, except for when he got to see me or if he had an opportunity to talk about me because then his face would light up. He told me that it’s very obvious how much Mr. Envoy loves me, and since his boss knew it was my birthday he said that he was going to let him off after my appointments at the massage place were done so that he could come home and take me to a very late birthday dinner in the city.

I was so thankful for this because on this duty I almost never saw Mr. Envoy. If you aren’t familiar with how Recruiting Duty works in the Marine Corps then you probably think I’m just being sarcastic or trying to emphasize this, but I promise you that I’m not. He was working 6-7 days/week, 14-16 hours/day, so I pretty much only saw if I got up before sunrise with him as he wa getting ready for work or stayed up ridiculously late to see him when he would come home. Seriously, most of my interaction with him was me talking to him as he slept. Sad, right?

Despite how difficult this duty was, I always tried my best to be supportive and not let never seeing him get to me… but it’s hard! It’s hard living 3,000 miles away from everyone and everything you know and having absolutely zero support system, especially on because the one person who said they’d always be there for you when you needed them can’t be there. The Marine Corps will always come first, this is something I’m still learning to this day… although I have a little more power now that we’re finally married. But still, it’s true. If they say jump he says “How high?” If they say “Pack a bag we’re sending you to the Middle East” he will be gone in 24 hours. That’s just what this life is, and it’s not an easy adjustment.

Thankfully Mr. Envoy’s boss knew this, and he gave me the best birthday gift anyone had ever given me. By letting him off work a little early he was leting me see Mr. Envoy for much longer than I thought I ever would on a day that was important to me. So I hung out at Mr. Envoy’s desk listening to him as he made some phone calls attempting to convince the men and women in his AO (area of operation, basically where he would try and recruit people from everyday) trying to convince them to come in for an appointment to discuss joining the Marine Corps for a while before heading off to my appointments, finally feeling relaxed and happy.

After I got home I waited and waited for Mr. Envoy to get there. I texted him when I left the massage place to let him know that I was done and on my way back home and I texted him when I got home to let him know I made it and to see how far our he was but I never heard anything in response. I got frustrated and I got sad… I wondered if maybe something had come up at work and he wouldn’t be able to take me out to dinner after all? That type of stuff happens no matter where he could be working in the Marine Corps so it’s really just best to be prepared for the worst case scenario, which is what I was doing, but then he showed up! He walked in the door with a birthday cake he had ordered from a bakery that was in his AO and sang me happy birthday, which I loved even if it was out of tune.

He apologized for being late but said he had to swing by the bakery before they closed to pick up my cake so I could at least have that. Unfortunately the delay meant we weren’t going to make it to the restaurant his boss wanted us to go to in Manhattan because the train ride alone would take us over an hour. However, trying to make the best out of the situation, we found The Cheesecake Factory not too far from us on Long Island and went there for dinner instead.

I ordered a Long Island Iced Tea (gosh those are strong) when we got there because 1) I wanted a drink for my birthday and 2) I thought it was fitting to order something with the name ‘Long Island’ in it since it was my first birthday on Long Island!

I ended the meal with a slice of this delicious Godiva chocolate mousse cheesecake. It was to die for. If heaven existed on a plate then I’m pretty sure that this is what it would look like!

So my birthday didn’t go exactly as I had hoped it would, but then again nothing ever seems to go the way I had hoped when the military is involved. It really is time for me to wrap my head around the idea of never having things go as planned; Mr. Envoy and I will probably be much happier for it if I do!

Thanks for reading lovelies! I want to know: Have any of you celebrated a birthday away from home? If so how did it go? Drop me a comment telling me all about it!

<3 and harp strings,

22 responses to “NY Adventures: My First Birthday Away From Home

  1. This is the kind of stuff I like to read in a blog, humorous, well-written, and entertaining. I can relate to being married to a military person…been there, done that, long, long ago. 1955 or 2015 it’s all the same except different time and different places. :-)

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    • Aw, thanks! Yeah, military life hasn’t changed all that much, has it? Lots of ups and downs and so many changed plans because of it. That’s what we get for falling in love with a man in uniform though, isn’t it?


  2. I loved reading this. Mr. Envoy sounds like a wonderful gentleman, and I’m glad his boss let him go home early to be with you. Such a great birthday present!

    When I went to college and then moved out of state to work, I celebrated all the holidays alone. Thankfully I at least had a dog and/or a cat to celebrate with. It wasn’t the same, but at least I wasn’t completely alone.

    My cat likes to look in the fridge too. She doesn’t lay in front of it though. She always looks like she’s about to climb in before I shoo her away.

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    • Hi Kristin! He really is, although he stopped the whole getting the door for me thing a few months into our relationship. lol It’s hard being alone on your birthday, but having a pet around is much better than nothing. At least when Mr. Envoy was gone for work and I was home from school I had my kitties to love on. They were really good company! Well, when they weren’t sleeping that is. Or being bad. Okay, maybe their company equated to that of a drunk person, but ya know… better than nothing, right? :P

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  3. I <3 your post!! It flowed very nicely, and found myself rooting for your 25th birthday to be a great one :D Do they make Mr. Envoy's anymore?! If so, where can I find him?!! The two of you are so adorable, I get from your post and photos, the both of you compliment one another in the best way! Long island iced tea- it is a very strong drink lol The cheesecake looks delicious :) So happy to see your 25th turned out to be a memorable one!!


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    • Thanks so much Brunette! Mr. Envoy’s are a rare breed. He’s the nearly perfect mixture of intelligence, gamer, nerd, handsome, respectful, caring, and very sweet all rolled up into an adorable Marine package. I have nothing against other Marines but I’ve been in contact with quite a few since I have lived near base my whole life and he’s truly one of a kind in that world. =)

      Oh man was that drink strong, but it was so dang good! And that cheesecake was to freakin’ die for. I need to see if I can find a copycat recipe for it! Thanks for giving my post a read, you’re so sweet! <3

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      • You’re welcome, Kate! Your post was a fun read, can’t wait for future posts! Let me know if you meet a single Marine that has the qualities that Mr. Envoy has! lol You two are so cute :) oh, and check out pinterest, they often have copycat recipes for a lot of foods from chain restaurants!


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      • Haha I’ll keep an eye out for you ;) Oh gosh Pinterest, they have everything! I’m afraid that if I head over there right now I’ll never get anything done today so I think I’ll save that trip for another day :P

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  4. I enjoyed this post, your writing style is very easy to connect with and I like your use of photos. My 21st birthday (last year) was my first birthday away from home. My boyfriend at the time had to work like your husband did, but he made it up by taking me out that evening :) I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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    • Thanks for stopping by Krstn and I’m glad you enjoyed my post! =) Birthdays away from home aren’t very fun, especially when the person you love can’t be there with you. I’m glad your boyfriend was able to take you out to dinner though! Hopefully it was to somewhere really yummy! <3

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  6. This year(next month) will be the first time I’m with my husband on my birthday – we’ve been together 4 years now. We’ll actually be at a black-tie wedding, and I can’t wait to get dressed up!


    • Aw! That stinks that this is the first time you two have been together for it but I’m so glad it’s finally happening! I hope you both enjoy the wedding and that you enjoy getting all dressed up on your birthday too! I know I did! :)

      <3 and harp strings,

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