A New Chapter Begins

I don’t know if I’m just really lucky or what, but it seems as though my life is always full of really big, really important last minute life changes.

When Mr. Envoy received his orders taking us back home I was devastated. I know it seems silly that I would be so upset about getting to come back home, especially to southern California of all places, but I was. My life was finally progressing in New York. I had applied and been accepted at Adelphi University for my BM in Music Performance, I was getting harp gigs more frequently, and I was finally making some friends. I was coming into my own out there. But then things changed when the Fire nation attacked when he got orders. I had to find other harpists to take over my gigs, I could no longer attend Adelphi, and I had to say goodbye to all of my new friends. The worst part though was that college was majorly screwed up for me because I had missed all the deadlines for Fall admission at the universities out here. Deadlines for applications and auditions were in March and he didn’t get orders until May! Awesome. Now I got to waste yet another year at community college. I was thrilled. Totally and completely thrilled. Can’t you tell?

After Mr. Envoy and I moved back to California I reconnected with my old harp teacher and set up a lesson with her. When we finally got together for a lesson we discussed what I had worked on while studying in New York and more importantly, we discussed college. I told her I had applied at the local community college and hoped to go there while making a game plan of applying for Spring admission for the universities in the area. She thought that was a good idea, but advised me to reach out to three of the universities she was on faculty for just to see what they had to say about late admission for Fall 2015. I mean, what could it hurt, right? So I did.

I reached out to the head of the music programs at Concordia University Irvine and Vanguard University of Southern California, and the Director of String Studies at Chapman University. Vanguard and Concordia got back to me letting me know that they’d love to have me apply and audition and Chapman wanted me to come in and say hi and talk about options.

I looked at Vanguard’s application first and immediately knew that they weren’t going to work out. I was born and raised Roman Catholic but currently view myself as more… oh fuck it I can’t deny it anymore… I’m an Atheist, at least at this point in my life anyway. Vanguard is a Christian school and part of their application requires you to provide a Pastor reference. Well, I haven’t been in touch with a Priest since high school, so uh yeah… Vanguard was off the table.

Next up was Concordia. They’re also a Christian school, but their application didn’t mention anything about a Pastor reference so I figured why not and I set up an audition and submitted my application. As it turns out, even though they’re a Christian school they don’t require you to actually be Christian to attend their school. They do require a few theology classes, but they allow you to come to your own decisions regarding the information they present to you which is something I really like. They also don’t make you attend their church services, although as a harpist in the music program I’d be attending anyways just because they’d have me perform during the services. That wasn’t such a big deal to me because my mom forced me to go to Mass as a kid so if I could survive that I could survive this. :P

Finally, there was Chapman University. This was the school I had been hoping to apply to before we moved to New York, but I didn’t have high hopes of them letting me apply so late now that I was back in California because shortly after Mr. Envoy got his orders I e-mailed them asking if there was any possibility of a late transfer/audition and they said that I couldn’t do it. My harp teacher had reached out to the Director of String Studies and let him know I was interested though, and he wanted me to come in and chat, so I did. As it turns out he’s an Army Veteran and completely understood how Military orders worked, so he worked some magic and got the school to open up an application for me as well as set up an audition time.

One of my best friend’s, Harpcat, had just graduated from Chapman in May with a BM in Music Performance and a BM in Music Education. Before moving I saw her give her Junior Harp Recital in the Salmon Recital Hall, so when I found out that that was where I’d be auditioning I was just a tad nervous! I mean look at it! Isn’t it just gorgeous?

Obligatory bathroom selfie before my audition at Chapman. :P

My audition went really well and that was that. I had submitted my applications to both Concordia and Chapman and had completed both of my auditions, so now it was a waiting a game.

I heard back from Concordia first and found out that I had been accepted! I was thrilled! I knew at that point that if things didn’t work out with Chapman at least I’d get to start working on my BM this Fall. Yay!!

Chapman’s decision took much longer. I had sent all of my transcripts but they were under my maiden name so it took them a while to track them down and pair them with my application. Finally though, finally, I heard back.

I received the above e-mail from Chapman this past Tuesday.

Katherine, it is my pleasure to offer you admission to Chapman University.

I had gotten in. Oh my gosh I had really gotten in! I’m the queen of self-doubt and I don’t have the highest self-confidence either. I knew Chapman had a really low acceptance rate so I had just kept telling myself that it wasn’t going to happen… that I wasn’t going to get in. But then it happened… I got in.

My friends and family all told me that they knew I could do it and that they were so happy for me. How is it that they knew I could do it and I didn’t? Oh well, I guess that’s a discussion for another day.

At any rate, I had done. I had gotten into the school I wanted to, the school that I didn’t think there was a chance in hell of me being able to get in for! Here’s what the acceptance package for Chapman looks like:

Because of my late audition I missed all of the scholarship money that the music department was able to offer, but ultimately Chapman is my dream school for this area so even though I’m being indoctrinated into the world of student loan debt with this acceptance, it couldn’t be more worth it! I’ve made my decision and I couldn’t be happier! In three years I’ll be walking out of Chapman with my BM in Music Performance, and quite possibly following in the footsteps of Harpcat and getting my BM in Music Education too.

I’m scared. I’m nervous. I’m worried I’m going to screw up. I’m worried I’m going to take on too much. I’m worried I’m going to fail.

But I’m also excited. Going to school for harp performance has been my dream since high school and it’s finally coming true! As Harpcat has told me…

And I think that this quote couldn’t be more true. Transferring to Chapman is going to push me to the edge of my comfort zone in so many ways, but that’s how I’m going to grow and that’s how I’m going to learn. I couldn’t be more excited to start this journey, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Bring it on Chapman, let’s see what you’ve got! ;)

<3 and harp strings,



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      • I know, right?! That’s one of the reasons I wanted to go to Chapman over Concordia. Chapman is such an old school, but it’s just beautiful! The recital hall is stunning, and I really wanted to have my harp recitals be there instead of in some church building that looks like it’s original to the schools creation in the 70s -_-

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