Harpcat Moves to AZ

I think that someone, somewhere must think that the things that happen in my life are quite comical. I don’t believe in any greater powers but I do believe in fate (weird mix? Sure is!) and dammit whoever set up my fate is just sitting there laughing at me and it’s just not fair. *pouts*

I moved from southern California to Long Island, New York in July of 2014. Away from all of my family and all of my friends. Then by some weird circumstance Mr. Envoy gets orders taking us back home to southern California instead of North Carolina (NC would have made much more sense to me since it’s, oh I dunno, closer to NY, but what do I know??). We got back to California in June of 2015, with just under one month until my bff, Harpcat, was set to move to Tucson, AZ to start grad school at my dream college.

Fate… fate why?!

I finally freaking get home and now one of my bff’s moves! How fair is that? I’ll tell you how fair, it’s not even a little fair. Not one bit.

Before she moved we got together all of three times. Once to celebrate her birthday, once at my house so she could finally meet my kitties after two years, and finally once at her place since I was in the area to finish exchanging my NY license plates for CA ones. That’s it though! Between her packing, me unpacking, her trying to squeeze time in with her parents, her family, her other friends, and the guy she is seeing there just wasn’t time! And now I’m sad. So dang sad. Ugh, is this what it felt like when I moved away? :(

It was difficult for me when I moved to not be able to just hop in the car and go see someone I cared about, but on the flip side it was also easier for my brain to wrap itself around because I was in another state. Now that I’m the one that was left behind while she moves to a different state my brain can’t comprehend it. I can just drive up to her place and see her, right? We might have back to back harp lessons and can bump into each other then, right?

Wrong. So wrong. And my brain hates it.


When Harpcat came over to see my new place she brought me the sweetest gift, a coffee mug that she had painted for me! She had made one for herself too so we both could have one. She got the idea from those long distance best friend images you can find on Google, but instead of using states to show where each friend is she used harps because we both keep moving around (although let’s be honest here, it’s mostly just me lol).

Best friends forever, never apart, maybe in distance but never at heart.

I was so excited to use mine that the morning after she left I woke up and washed mine first thing so I could have a cup of coffee in my new favorite mug, but all the paint washed off! I even washed it by hand too. I’m still sad about it even though it got ruined a few weeks ago :(

As I mentioned earlier, the last time we hung out was when I was in her neck of the woods to finish changing my car’s registration from New York back to California (it was quicker for me to get a DMV appointment at the DMV in her area than at the one near me). We decided that we would spend our time at the pool, so we drove to her grandma’s house which is off a dirt road. It was a scorcher that day (somewhere around 100 degrees Fahrenheit) so we slathered on our sunscreen and hopped into the pool.

The water was cool and refreshing and we swam around talking about life, harp gigs, music school, and our futures. We talked about our guys and what a headache they could be, and how she was only going to be 8 hours away from me. To end our pool day a monsoon rolled by and it rained on us a little bit, but not as much as we would have liked. We got to watch the lightning in the distance as we tried to coax the storm more towards us so we didn’t feel like we were frying in the sun anymore.

Harpcat, I can’t believe that you are sitting in Tucson right now. It’s just not fair. Why couldn’t things have worked out so we could have gone to Chapman together for one year? Why did I get to move back in time to watch you move away? Ugh. Stupid life. Stupid fate! I know that we are both about to experience things we’ve only dreamt about and that our lives are going to be crazy busy and also crazy amazing, but I wanted to share the crazy-everything of it with you! Girl talk, dinner dates, drinking wine and dancing in the kitchen while we make eggless chocolate chip cookie dough!

I miss you already hun. You’re about to start an amazing journey, and I’m so proud of you! I wish that I could be there by your side to support you through all the crazy that’s about to happen, but I guess that’s what Skype and really big coffee mugs/wine glasses were invented for. I love you Harpcat! Go kick some wildcat ass! ;)

<3 and harp strings,


7 responses to “Harpcat Moves to AZ

    • Thank you Anand! There’s nothing better than friendship. I love knowing that I have people I can share anything with and that they’ll still love me no matter what. I did share the post with her today, but she’s in the middle of her own transfer orientation for her new grad school this week so I’m not sure when she’ll have a chance to read it. I hope when she does though that she likes it and knows how much I miss her!


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  1. I know exactly how you feel. Me and my bestie have been friends since the 7th grade. Every time one of us moves closer, the other moves farther away :( currently I’m in Massachusetts and she just moved back to Florida (from New York.) I love the cup idea, sad it washed away. You should do “bestie boxes” just fill a box with things you find/buy, letters, whatever you know she’ll enjoy then randomly send it to her, and she can do the same :)

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    • Hi Nillie, thanks for reading my blog! I love your idea of a ‘bestie box’, I’ll have to start thinking of things to put in it. Thanks! :)

      <3 and harp strings,


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