My Week in Instagram! 8/24/15 – 8/30/15

Hi lovelies! Welcome back to my weekly blog feature, My Week in Instagram. This past week was my last week of summer. I lived it up lazy-style as much as I could, squeezing in gamine with Mr. Envoy and avoiding housework as much as possible. I also had my transfer orientation on Thursday and Friday that kept me busy and gave me a taste of the hours I will be dealing with this semester.

As you are reading this I am already at my new school settling in for my first day of the semester. I’m also trying to get enrolled in a French 101 class that I’m waitlisted in, so wish me luck! I need 3 semesters of a language so I’d really like to get the ball rolling on it :P

Good luck to everyone either returning to school or starting school this week! Here’s hoping for a fantastic semester full of learning and fun! :)


Well, thatโ€™s it for this week! Tune in next Mondayย to see what Iโ€™ve been up to all week! Or you can just follow me on Instagram at @geekkateย and @geekkateplans!

What were you guys up to this past week? Let me know in the comments!

<3 and harp strings,


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