Transfer Orientation at CU

Hey guys! So as you know I found out earlier this month that I was accepted as a super-duper late transfer to Chapman University. Last Thursday and Friday was the transfer orientation at there, and I wanted to share how it went with all of you!

I’ve never attended a 4 year school before; in fact I am the first person in my family to do so. As with most everything about being accepted to Chapman and actually starting there, I didn’t know what to expect but was excited nonetheless. I woke up early Thursday morning, did a morning yoga routine to help wake me up, made myself a good breakfast, threw on makeup and real clothes for the first time all week and hopped in my car to make the long commute to campus.

I got there and managed to find the entrance to the underground parking structure that Harpcat had showed me about. Before getting out of my car and heading up the stairs and onto the campus of my new home-away-from-home I put my temporary parking permit on my dashboard (who has time to pay for a parking ticket? Not this girl!), put my earphones in my ears, turned my iPod to my harp music playlist and grabbed my backpack because I’m the cool-kid who brought a backpack to orientation. I could have brought a purse and it would have been easier but then how would I have carried my water bottle, my coffee thermos and my music theory textbook so I could review for my music theory placement exam? ;)

I knew I needed to check in for the orientation but I wasn’t entirely sure where to go, but thankfully the school had handy dandy signs with arrows pointing the way to where I needed to go. As I walked towards the lawn in front of Memorial Hall where the check-in tables were lined up I put on my “I totally know what I’m doing and don’t you dare judge me for having a backup” face while quickly scanning my fellow students to make sure I wasn’t the only poor sap sporting a JanSport backpack before day 1.

After making sure I was getting in line for the correct part of the alphabet for my new last name (fun fact, I was correct either way because my maiden name and new last name were in the same section – yay!) I ignored the super-judgy stare of the girl in line behind me and picked up my orientation schedule.

I continued down the line of tables and ended up with some free materials which included coupons for local eateries as well as a neat comic-book version of the school’s magazine and a tshirt. I also got to make my nametag for myself. It used to have a stick figure harp and two eighth notes on it, but they got rubbed off vinyl during the day. :(

The beginning of the day was not terribly exciting. I signed my master promissory note and did my entrance counseling for my student loans. I also sat through the welcome ceremony and then had an entire table to myself in the heat (it was 95F out!) while I ate lunch and studied my old theory textbook that I had brought along. I noticed fairly quickly that almost every student there seemed to have someone with them, whether it be family, friend, or significant other meanwhile I had no one. I definitely felt very out of place so far and was pretty down. Not such a great start to orientation, sadly.

After lunch was over it was time for the departmental major meetings, so I made my way to the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music located within both Oliphant Hall and Bertea Hall for the meeting and things finally started to improve for me.  I still can’t believe how gorgeous this place is and that this really is my new school. I mean, how crazy is that?! How freaking lucky am I? Gah! *excited squeal*

I snapped some pictures and headed inside looking for the meeting room. I ran into two of my fellow music major transfers and we found the room and sat down to wait for everyone to show up. I couldn’t believe it but there were only 6 of us in total… 6! I was one of 6 transfer students to the program… what? Boom. Mind blown. There was a conducting major, three vocal performance majors, a piano performance major (I think?), and then me, a harp performance major. We all made friends pretty quickly and by the end of the day had exchanged phone numbers, social media, and had even gone out for sushi! I mean hey, we survived our music theory, sight-singing, and dictation placement exams so if that isn’t bonding then I don’t know what is.

Memorial Hall at night.

Memorial Hall at night.

I know I’ve said it before, but just how pretty is my new school?! This is what campus looked like when we walked back to campus after dinner. Geeze, is this even reality?!

I didn’t actually get back home until after 10:00pm that night, and after coming home to find my two new planners for school in the mail looked through them for a bit before passing out.

Selfie before driving to school for day 2 of orientation!

Selfie before driving to school for day 2 of orientation!

I was super tired the next day but I got up and did more yoga, made breakfast and hopped in the car for another long day.

4 of the 6 Music Major transfers for Fall 2015 ready for the mandatory 'Healthy Panther' program.

4 of the 6 Music Major transfers for Fall 2015 ready for the mandatory ‘Healthy Panther’ program.

I met up with two of the music major transfers after I got to campus and we hung out before attending the mandatory ‘Healthy Panther’ program where we learned about sex, drugs and rock & roll campus resources, drinking, drugs, rape; you know, all the awesome fun stuff that the school legally has to discuss with the students. Apparently it was either attend this thing or take a ridiculously long online course version of this so we went and made the best of the two hours. Oh, and we soaked up the a/c like it was going out of style because it was 100F on campus that day. Yikes.

We spent the rest of the day finishing up meeting with our music advisor, getting placed with a piano teacher for lessons, and just general last minute things. I had picked up my ID card the day before so all I had left to do before we all met up for the Transfer Mix & Mingle was to check in with Financial Aid to see about my financial aid package, check in with Business Services to let them know what’s going on with the whole late admission thing, and pick up my parking permit for my car.

After I was done with my “errands” I met up with my new friends for the Transfer Mix & Mingle. It was on the rooftop of one of the buildings which stunk because it was super hot out still, but we ended up finding a nice table in the shade and stayed until we noticed that everyone else had left the rooftop already. We were really engrossed in our conversations! :P

4 Music Majors, 2 English Majors, and 1 Film Major (all transfers) enjoying a free dinner at the cafeteria in the residence halls.

4 Music Majors, 2 English Majors, and 1 Film Major (all transfers) enjoying a free dinner at the cafeteria in the residence halls.

We ended up grabbing a quick dinner at the cafeteria in the residence halls on campus because it was free and well, we’re all college students so let’s face it if we hear the word “free” then we’ll probably be there!

The rest of the night we spent showing off the music building to our new friends, goofing around with pictures, and then we went to the “dance club” that the school had set up on campus for both freshmen and transfer students. It was pretty cool, but I’m pretty much grandma-status (I get tired at 8:00pm because I’m cool like that) and since I still had my super lame backup with me on the dance floor I called it a night and headed home and let all the youngin’s enjoy a night on the dance floor while I got home to my hubby ;)

Over all I enjoyed the transfer orientation at my new school, even if I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of everything they had on the schedule. Sadly that’s just a taste of being a music major though! You know all those fun things you want to do and you see your non-music major friends doing? Yeah, you won’t have time for that because you’ll be in your practice room pouring over new music for hours on end. Oh well though, that’s what we signed up for and as stressful as it all will be I can’t wait to get settled into a routine for it and finally get my degree at the end of it all.

Have you gone through orientation at a 4 year school, whether it be freshmen orientation or transfer orientation? What did you think? Did you make any new friends? Let me know!

<3 and harp strings,



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