5 Things I Wish for September (Writing 101, Day 2)

Today’s prompt for my Writing 101 course is to create a list. I love me some lists so I was so excited to get started!

We were given some choices of what we could pick but I am a very indecisive person (hence the love of listing!) so I asked Mr. Envoy what he thought I should pick. The choices were: ‘Things I Like’, ‘Things I’ve Learned’, and ‘Things I Wish’. He settled on ‘Things I Wish’ and helped me narrow it down to things I wish for the month of September. ‘Things I Wish’ is a very broad list topic so I needed some direction otherwise I could be here all month lol

Here are my 5 things that I wish for September:

  1. I wish to become better in planning/organizing my day to day life.
  2. I wish to stay on top of my school work.
  3. I wish to build better habits for my household chores.
  4. I wish to be more disciplined with my harp and piano practice.
  5. I wish to create a blogging schedule and to keep up with it.

I really hope that I can improve in these areas and make my wishes come true! If not I am in for a very hectic month… Eesh. I think that as long as I can stay on top of wish #1 then everything else should fall into place. Wish me luck!

What are your wishes for the month of September? How are you going to achieve them?

<3 and harp strings,


12 responses to “5 Things I Wish for September (Writing 101, Day 2)

    • For me it really is the start of a new year because it’s the start of a new academic year at my new school. Everything about this month is unlike any other September I’ve experienced! Hooray for a new year :D


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