Uncertainty (Writing 101, Day 3)

The topic for day 3 is to become inspired by one word, and to use that word to write a blog post. We could pick from the following: Treasure, Regret, Home, Love, Uncertainty, and Secret. I have chosen to become inspired by Uncertainty, and I thought it might be fun to try writing a little poem for it. I haven’t written a poem since high school, and to be more specific my last one was in my 10th grade honors English class on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Wow, so it’s been a decade since I’ve written a poem? Scary.

Anyways! Here we go with my sonnet, and please don’t be too hard on me, k? Thanks. :)

Uncertainty, it lurks in the distance
Waiting to pounce when I least expect it.
I was just fine but with its persistence,
I found myself doubting and must submit.
Arguments transpire out of thin air;
Why must we argue when I love you so?
I do not know how to avoid your glare;
I try, but all I can do is lie low.
Is this my life? Is this what things are now?
What happened? Why can’t we disclose our thoughts?
We may have problems but we made our vows,
I’m not giving up, but we need help – lots.
We can get through this; you are my soulmate.
But right now it feels like we can’t relate.


<3 and harp strings,


One response to “Uncertainty (Writing 101, Day 3)

  1. Hello Kate! I guess we all struggle with how to communicate. In my blog “It Happened in NZ…” I’m writing about my adventures and also the difficulties communicating with my partner during our five months on the road. As a former counselor, I’m used to confronting; my partner will not confront. I’m in the process (thru my writing) of discovering other means of positive, effective communication. Your poem was quite poignant…


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