My Week(s) in Instagram! 10/26/15 – 11/8/15

Hi lovelies! Welcome back to my weekly blog feature, My Week in Instagram. I’m still working on catching up with my Instagram posts, on top of planning some other blog posts, but I’m finally on Thanksgiving break so I have a bit more time now!

These two weeks were my 9th and 10th weeks at Chapman. At this point I was already half way through the semester, which is just nuts! Everything happened so quickly with my moving back home, applying to college, getting accepted to two universities, and then starting school all within the span of the summer. Nuts I tell you, just nuts!

I kept busy during these two weeks with lots of harp stuff (although let’s face it, that’s to be expected with me being a harp performance major and all). I was still waiting on loan money to get paid to the school so it could then be paid to me so I could finally order my own copy of the Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto, but in the meantime I was living off scans of my harp teacher’s part which meant taping together pages of music on the train ride to school. I think that picture got liked by both Metrolink’s Instagram account as well as the Chapman’s College of Performing Arts (COPA) Instagram account, so that was cool :P

I also shared with you guys my bible, aka my Day Designer! It’s a little worn now because I haven’t invested in a case for it, but it’s a beautiful daily Day Designer that runs from July of 2015 to June of 2016. I had ordered that super cute planner clip from a seller on Etsy and she custom made it for me because obviously I needed a harp one. It had come in the mail but I never knew because Mr. Envoy had brought inside one week and it had gotten buried somewhere and forgotten about until one day on the train I got to thinking about it and how it had never shown up. I was super sad thinking that it had gotten lost in the mail but I texted Mr. Envoy and he found it for me and sent me pictures so I knew it was safe, and now I have it dressing up my planner with style! Day Designer’s Instagram account totally liked this post too hehe

These two weeks also included getting the music for the second half of The Nutcracker because I am going to be playing it with the Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra on December 12th at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. I’ve never played The Nutcracker before, so when my orchestra conductor at Chapman asked me too there was no way I could say no! Even though it’s not for a class or anything this is a great experience and I’m excited! Nervous, but excited lol

I think I may have forgotten to mention it but in addition to everything else I’m doing I also got hired to work 8 hours/week as an office assistant in the music conservatory office at Chapman. I qualified for federal work study so I’m glad that I was able to snag a job to start earning some of what I was qualified to get! I missed one of my shifts when I fell and hit my head so I ended up working at school on Halloween to help out with the early action auditions for the conservatory to make up the hours, so when I got home Mr. Envoy and I spent a night in watching Hocus Pocus, eating pizza and candy, and finally enjoying some time together :)

Um… yeah. So we think this happened because he was attempting to wash his cammies, which are not a “normal” material that absorbs well so even though he used the normal amount of detergent, this happened lol Oh well, he washed it a second time and everything came out extra clean and with no more suds! Huzzah!

Look at our wittle kitties! They are super badasses lol

My feels about my first aural skills midterm having to use fixed do solfege. Just no. :'(

November 10th was the 240th birthday of the Marine Corps. Every year the Marine Corps has a big celebration for it that is known as the Marine Corps Ball; it’s full of ceremony and tradition and you get to dress up all fancy-like, have a nice meal, and dance! Mr. Envoy and I got all dolled up and went to his on November 6th, and although it wasn’t anywhere fancy (some people had their balls in Las Vegas!) it was nice only having to drive a couple minutes to get to the venue :P We didn’t stay for the dancing because we were both pretty tired but we stayed for a while and just sat and talked to each other; I think that was the first time since school started that we actually gotten dressed up and gone out where there are other people so it was really nice.


Well, that’s it for these two weeks! Keep an eye on my blog for more updates as I work on playing catch up before resuming my weekly posting schedule on Mondays. Or you can just follow me on Instagram at @geekkate and @geekkateplans ;)

What were you guys up to during the last part of October/beginning of November? Let me know in the comments!

<3 and harp strings,


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