Meet Kate

The Girl Behind the Harp

Hello! *waves* I’m Kate and welcome to my blog, Heart and Harp Strings! I created this blog to share my crazy (and sometimes not-so-crazy) life with the world in the off chance that someone other than myself (and possibly my family) may find it insightful. Or just in case someone is in need of a laugh. Ya know, which ever. I’m flexible. If you’re looking for content written by a girl that is fluent in sarcasm and who tends to trip over her own feet despite almost 10 years of dance lessons then you have come to the right place.

I’m a 20-something southern California girl adjusting to life as the wife of a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. My husband is currently stationed in southern California after being out on Long Island, NY for one year. Although it’s nice to finally be back home again after having lived so far away, I know that our time out here is limited. We have 2 years out here, but beyond that our fate is left to the whims of the military. Such is life.

In addition to learning how this whole being-married-to-a-Marine-thing works, I am also a full time student attending Chapman University and working on my BM in Music Performance and possibly adding on a double major, BM in Music Education. Despite only moving back to southern California this past July, I somehow managed to get accepted at two schools and settled on Chapman. This fall is my first semester there so wish me luck! And maybe petition to have an extra day or two added to the week? Yeah, that should give me enough time to do everything I need… I think hope.

I am also a huge gamer, which is how I met my husband who I shall lovingly refer to as Mr. Envoy. Oh World of Warcraft, you crazy match-maker you! Currently the games that are taking up far too much of my time are Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Diablo III, and The Sims 4. Also, I’m a total Blizzard fan girl. That’s right, represent! *finger snaps*

I love cooking and baking; it’s something I inherited from my late mom. Originally my blog had a lot of recipes that I had tried out and shared. I’ve gotten away from that a bit but I want to start getting back into it more – especially now that Mr. Envoy and I are slowly but surely working on creating a healthier lifestyle, which means healthier eating! I’ve been trying out a ton of new recipes lately so I can’t wait to get back to sharing my favorites with you all :)

I am also a huge animal lover. I have 3 cats as well as 3 guinea pigs. All of the four-legged creatures minus one cat have been real troopers as they made two cross country trips between California and New York in less than one year. The newest feline addition is still just a kitten and complains about being in her crate for 5 minutes let alone 42 hours, so future PCS moves should be super fun awesome shoot me please grrrrreat. My kitties are Arthas, Sindragosa, and Kerrigan. Arthas and Sindragosa are 2 year old siblings while Kerrigan is the newest addition at 3 months old. My guineas are Roxy, Bella, and Penny and they are 4 years old. All of my fur babies were rescued from either a shelter or rescue group. I also volunteer as an adoption assistant for the local humane society to help all the adorable furbabies find their forever homes! <3

Sindragosa (left) and Arthas (right)

Arthas (left) and Kerrigan (right)

Well, I think that about sums it up! If you stuck around long enough to read all of this then you deserve a cookie! You should treat yourself to one and save one for me too please ;) Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll stick around to see where this crazy thing called life takes me to next!

Welcome to Heart and Harp strings you amazing-fantastic-lovely people, you!

<3 and harp strings,


10 responses to “Meet Kate

  1. omg! It’s like meeting my soul-sister! Clumsy – check. Cooking – check. Gamer – check. Sims! – check (though I am still stuck with Sims 3) Animal lover – check. Weakness for kitties – check! check! check!

    *offers cookie*

    Loved your sense of humor and those adorables! ^_~

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    • Yay! I was successful and found someone else kind-of like me! At the bottom of my Day 1 post for the Blogging101 course (you can check it out here) I mentioned that it’d be great to connect with readers who are similar to me so yay for finding someone else :P Also just so you’re not like “What?! Only kind-of!? Rude!” I said that because I feel like a unicorn – one of a kind in my situation. If I found another harpist/Marine wife/gamer/planner nerd I might just die. lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • lol. I know what you mean. I am too lazy to over-analyze :P I love meeting simmers! My sims 3 crashes a lot though, that’s a shame :'( Glad to meet you too. :)

        Happy Blogging!

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  3. Hi! You have a fun blog. I adore harp. A vet told me that amber-eyed orange tabbies are rare – maybe that’s just females. My mostly orange tabby-Abyssinian, Lucy Retardo, was one of the best felines ever. She had amber eyes until she turned five-ish when they took on a green tint. You are very right, you’re blessed that they tolerate moving their territory :) I believe that means you are an exceptional human. ‘Nice meeting you.


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